Pandemic: A Cover for a Cashless Transformation?

Major shifts, often seismic in nature, in social order have always been preceded by some tumultuous events, threats of war used as a social lubricant for flipping public opposition, financial collapses triggered to expand/protect financial influences and interest, economic collapse used to expand government control or shift or affect economic rewards, assassinations (including attempts) used to expand police powers, terrorist claims used to restrict movement and so on. Interesting though is that there has yet to be a case were expanded authorities or economic interests, war or surrendering of personal liberties have ever prevented or limited a nascent threat; yes indeed, the war to end all wars seems (always) to be beyond the reach of the next promise.

I believe there is, in fact I’m certain of it, a major tectonic shift fast approaching and the WuV-19 charade is being used to scuttle Public awareness with the ultimate intent of making you a willing participants in the next Government endorsed rapping of the Public. Yes indeed, even you Biden, Clinton, ANTIFA, BLM fans, even with your bucolic reverence for chimerical lunacies of all types, won’t be able to chant this lie into one of your delightfully lyrical tunes. Yes, a conversion to a cashless society is upon us and with Microsoft’s help, you’re going to be part of the welcome committee like it or not.

The following is a transcript, a narrative, of a response I gave during a v-conference with a group of Analyst types; for various reasons I’ve had to redact sections of the piece however I believe there’s a sufficient amount of meat remaining on the bones for the message to emerge. Yes, its not a 10 second sound bite and yet I do believe you should take the time to read it and inspect the various links I’ll provide. Before you start ask yourself the following question and then ask it again once you’ve completed your assignment: How will your immediate world change in a digital currency environment? Are you prepared to surrender your individual liberties to a bio-card that can singularly lock-you-out of any normal routine where/when its use is required?

“You see, once the World Bank (BIC, the “Bank of International Settlements”, the “bank of banks”) started feeling the weakening interest in Dollar Denominated Currencies (as you know, all IMF endorsed currencies are valued as a function of their dollar denominated equivalency) which many believe was being fueled by the growth and interest in crypto (digital) currencies, such as BitCoin, it was only a matter of time before something like this would develop (a direct counter assault). From past experiences it was clear to me that the next phase (actionable) was simply a matter of strategic timing, all the System would have to do is asymmetrically seed for opportunities that would serve as the “carrier”- a Black Swan type of an event – and then sit back and wait for just the right mechanism for facilitating the conversion to a cashless society.

From various historical practices and schemes the science has matured and simultaneously the Public has been intellectually disarmed; it is well understood that the best way to affect such a deep and comprehensive change is to let the Public lead itself to the waiting cup of hemlock.

What better way than a Pandemic! Notice how it emerged, in the media, out of nowhere and during an active election season no less.

The fear messaging is still in its infancy phase but more and more the System will begin to link WuV-19 as an increasingly severe threat (which the Public will interpret as the Imminent Threat). They messaging will intensify and then you will be told that that the reason the Pandemic having become uncontrollable is that its being transmitted by paper and coin currencies.

Now, at this point the panic will rally and the fact that no one at the Gov’t or CDC will be willing to acknowledge that they still don’t have a reliably “marker” for the Virus (which is why the case rate is skyrocketing but yet the dominance of asymptomatic cases remains at plus 93% and the death rate continues to plunge as a percentage).

The public is being lied to on a magnificently grand and global scale and the adaptation, brought about by the mindless acceptance of intrusive-tech has made the conversion a certain guarantee.

By the way, we should consider that this misadventure is also a marvelous way for retiring massive amounts if not all of the existing government (global) debt; watch for a global debt swap. Think of it this way: I borrow money from you in exchange I give you a Note (Debt) secured by my promise to pay you back (this is, in effect what a T-Bill is). In return, I loan you money in exchange for which you then give me a Note (Debt) secured as well by your promise, to me, that you will repay me.

Now then consider what happens if I were to return your note to you and you, in turn, return my note to you? BOOM, the debt is instantaneously gone! Now substitute my name for the E.U. or China and your name for the U.S. Treasury and see just how simple the vaporizing of debt takes place. This is not the first time this has been done. It’s happened many times over the last 125 year; it just happened as recently as the 2007-08 Bailout, some 13 Trillion Dollars the Government absorbed, and the debt magically disappeared! Yes, I know, it seems perfectly impossible that it should be that easy. But, nevertheless, it is!

Sidebar: You might find it interesting that both the E.U. and China have nearly identical national (Central Bank) Debt Levels as does the U.S. (ignoring unfunded mandates).

If what I believe is about to happen then money held in conventional savings accounts could very well be at significant risk of devaluation; this doesn’t mean that if you have a $100k in a passbook or CD that it will suddenly not be worth the face value of $100k. What I’m concerned about is that its purchasing power, because its value is not tied to any commodity, will depreciate in purchasing power. Suddenly, literally overnight, your $100k could be worth 50k in purchasing power simply because of the devaluation in currency or the inflationary spiral in the value of commodities.

As to your personal financial profile, one might be wondering what might one use as a rational defense posture? I would look closely at/for mutual funds that are tied to commodities or to an enterprise specifically tied to products and services that are linked directly with a raw commodity or baseline service, for example: energy, commodity, medical, agricultural related stocks or even the Bonds (in the form of a Corporate Bond Fund) backed by companies in those industries and why you might ask? Consider the value of your home back when you purchased it and look at the value of it now, perhaps 20-30 years later. The implicit value of the property, the dirt it sits on and the lumber and materials it took to build it have implicit value and that implicit value is constant and because of that its value rises with the devaluation of the unit of value (the Dollar) that it (the Asset) is denominated in. So, in effect, your commodity that you own (your home in this case) operates as a self-adjusting value maintaining asset. (And no, it’s not just a supply/demand function, I’ll suggest to you that the effects of inflation are far more consequential than are the influences associated with demand.)

Consider if you will the outcome if you’d merely put the price you paid for your home in a coffee can and stuck it under your sink, it would still be the same denominated value it had when you put it there and yet its purchasing power would be but a fraction of what it once was evidenced by the current value of your home. Yes, you could say “but Curtis, over 20-30 years of sitting in the bank account it still would have made me interest” and this is true but never enough to keep pace with inflation over that same period of time. More importantly, and this is really important, market crashes don’t occur predictably over any period (5, 10, 15, 20 etc.), they occur in minutes, sometime in a mere matter of seconds, and your years of accumulated earnings are wiped out with equal vigor.

The key interest here is to monitor the following: (1) Track the movement of this Bill  thru the Senate paying even closer attention to the speed it proceeds thru hearing all the while keeping in mind that the trigger date contained within the Bill is January 1, 2021. (2) Also watch for the resurfacing of the House’s companion bill which suddenly disappeared right before the passage of the last Stimulus Giveaway. And, (3) Watch Trumps movement and positioning on Fiscal Policy Narratives as November approaches. I’m certain that the Trump team is staging the release of info they accumulated relating to the Clinton coup attempt (Russia-FISA Gate and the Deep State/FBI scandal) as well as Obama and Biden’s involvement in it; I believe he’ll wait until late October or sometime right before the last scheduled Presidential Debate assuming they even occur; I believe you’ll see at least one Debate however Biden’s performance will be so embarrassing for him his handlers will never let him on camera again at least not before the election.

Also, and despite the near complete press black out on the matter, word is slowly creeping out about Hilary Clinton losing her bid for overturning the Court Order requiring her to appear. It’s going to be very interesting to see how she handles having to answer questions, under oath, regarding her destruction of Classified Info and the emails she was maintaining on her personal pc’s. Keep in mind that Clinton are well aware that Barr has documented info that she perjured herself in prior testimony not to mention recovered data from so-called “scrubbed” hard-drives; pleading the 5th in this instance is most definitely a double-edged sword. Suffice it to say that if Biden wins the election rest assured that any hope of restoring faith, order and respect for the Law will be, summarily, brought to an end. Clinton’s Court date is scheduled for early September ’20.

Some would say this is just another conspiracy theory; I find statement such as this utterly foolish after all, what outcome adverse to your own interest is not, by definition, a conspiracy. Nothing, and I repeat NOTHING happens by pure coincidence; effect is always preceded by a specific cause. Always.”

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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