What’s Missing in this War?

The void is expanding, collateral damage is mounting and still there will be nowhere to run! It’s so deeply troubling that those who would otherwise be on the frontline – opposing those who prefer the destruction of this Nation- have been silenced all the while the number of so-called experts are populating at a feverish rate; authoritarians offering commentary on issues they know absolutely nothing about. What continues to happen is the over-seeding of various threats all based entirely on false narratives the effect of which is not unlike a circular firing squad. The issue is not, or should it ever be, a choice over two competing death sentences but over a path that moves the whole forward and away from certain death.

Andrew Jackson stated that “Without a union our independence and liberty would never have been achieved; without a union they never can be maintained.” A statement that uniquely illustrates the outcome, the inevitability of progressive decay and the calculated ambitions of the anarchist.

The fact is that since Pres. Woodrow Wilson this Nation’s progressive decay has been the banner of the Democratic Party. The mistake however is to believe the Republicans have carried the banner of virtue, not so and this too is a fact. The Democrats have routinely targeted their prey employing the expanded-advantage-of-disadvantage routine while the Republican etiquette has always favored taking the feeding-off the refuse punchline which I’ve taken to refer to as the political-recoil, a most disarming form of psychopathic hyperbole:

“We won’t openly support what the Dems want, we’ll just mask our appeasement by calling it something other than what it is so we can openly oppose that which we’ve told you you ought not want. In this way we can be complicit in the raping of a nation all the while allowing us to appear valiant in fighting a losing battle against an outcome both parties are paid well to support.”

The net effect, over time, of this perverse fraternity of thought is that both parties have succeeded in moving the entire conversation so far left of center the entire Nation is now completely off balanced and thoroughly fractured. This too is a fact.

Americans have every right to feel disillusioned, on one hand, and yet full of remorse for our collective inaction, self-induced ignorance and unrepentant arrogance. To be sure you’ve been induced to acclimate yourself to a remarkable illusion, the belief that one side caries the ball further than the other while the truth of the matter is that both ball carriers have driven the Country toward one predicable end which is why the terrorizing of Trump has been so effective, both sides have him in their crosshairs. There is, and has only ever been one solution to this type of condition/circumstance and to show you just how politically correct (emasculated) this nation has become I urge you to read the following and see for yourself how truly unpopular reality has become for the People of this Country and, to be frank, much of the world:

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is its natural manure.” Thomas Jefferson

For many, Jefferson’s confession is alarming, uncomfortable and decidedly unthinkable in its inference; what missing component of our thought processes makes these sentiments, this requiem of apathy so absolutely so? One word: Intolerance! The open, conspicuous and virulent opposition to and repulsion for the BS being stuffed down the throat of a Public is non-existent. There is no silent majority there is however a fascist minority who has silenced and incapacitated a majority. This too is a fact.

The very same Public that buys the argument that an inanimate object (statues and flags) from the Civil War is an offense, that some misfit fully clothed in black (to hide their identity) is a noble and virtuous freedom loving Patriot and yet, far worse, is the uber-sensitive Caucasian that carries the BLM Banner as if it were a sacred rite of passage and not the supremely racist innuendo – far more blatant than any Confederate Flag – that it is.  The point we need to drive firmly into your heart is this: It’s not just that the BLM and ANTIFA parade is defiantly racist the truth is that their agenda is rooted in something far more dangerous and far more destructive; their message is devoutly and unapologetically misanthropic at its core. The only sentiment more tragic than the damage we are doing to one another is the fact that it is all so entirely irrelevant and supremely meaningless to the greater cause of Mankind and, lest we forget, it is all based on one massive, hypocritical fraud!

How bad is it, really? Let me put it to you this way: If Christ were to make another appearance on this planet some fascist toad will claim he is homophobic and engaged in promoting spiritual inequality/injustice. This claim will be broadcast globally by the spineless nymph of the media followed soon thereafter with the self-anointed mob who’ll assemble to announce that that all religious shrines, churches and emblems are, immediately, to be destroyed. Finally, lest a political opportunity be missed and by way of lending a level of solidarity to the cause, both Houses of Congress will solemnly appear on the steps of the Capitol and harmoniously chant “Crucify Him, Crucify Him!” Count on it, a show trail will be arranged and of course overseen by the Highest-of-High the prelude to which, courtesy of the Esteemed Speaker of the House, Rev. Nancy Pelosi, will assure that public of swift justice by reminding the people that “no one is above the law” (except of course for her and other like her all of which can be affirmed if one cares to study their ever-expanding bank account balances).

Yes, most definitely, a handful will move to defend him but those that could tip the scale toward reason will simply opt-out and find any number of outlets or excuses for supporting their claim that they knew nothing about the trial and crucifixion (just like all the Good Germans, Pols and Austrians who after WWII claimed they never knew that the smell of burning flesh that scented the air of their fair cities was actually coming from the furnaces of their neighborhood concentration camps.)

Take a look at the topics/comments (if on FB alone) of the “liberati” (the hopelessly and preferentially ignorant) and tell me it isn’t so. In the end, the destiny prescribed by the Devine design is an absolute certainty and we will, one day, cross that finish line however not just yet, not even close! In the meantime, I believe we better serve one another by focusing first on the task of perfecting ourselves and then pray that others will be inspired to do the same.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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