Putin’s Got B-Joe’s #

As the American Media & Big-Brother Tech work diligently at protecting Beijing-Joe, by keeping American’s in the dark about the wholesale corruption and incredible damage being done to this Nation’s Economic Durability, reality remains undeterred in its ability to exact consequence; the world outside the entrails of politically-induced hypoxia view this Country’s utter stupidity quite differently.

While American’s fold under the flutter of COVID, the delusions of a Green New World, the Punishing Bliss that is Reconstructive History, the Ravaging of Social Dis-Integration under the Cover of Racial Uber-Equality and countless other extraordinarily idiotic memes that have no attachment with anything of significance or relevance the World of Nations breathes a sigh of sadness and after a momentary lapse into the thought of what could have been they must move on with more pressing matters, the hunt for a new promise, a new hope. Yes, somewhere there’s a candle with the remnants of a wick.

Putin, a brilliant tactician, is well aware that the American System of Government has lived past it’s durability; it was clear to anyone paying attention that when Bush the Elder passed the baton to Clinton it wouldn’t be long that the bulbs that once lit the shining city on the hill would be outsourced to some slave-labor equipped factory is Asia. Still, even Putin was alarmed to see American resolve turn on its own. Putin’s a long-time student of the American playbook and understood that Trump was definitely unconventional but even he was unsettled to see the American People so virulently and so willingly turn against a Man that nearly every U.S. Ally came to respect, like no previous President he could recall, and particularly one that so universally demonstrated a commitment to the American People and the economic restoration of the United States. Putin, as reported in several E.U., Middle-Eastern and Eastern E.U. papers, was heard stating that he found it “…strange that the American Press is more effective at destroying its own country than defending it…I should hire them instead of spending so much money on our military. Xi Jinping is very pleased…his investment in the Biden Family has worked just as he expected.”

Thanks to the American People, and most unfortunate for Ukrainians, Putin is now free to complete his confiscation of the Eastern Donbas (Donetsk & Luhansk) regions of Ukraine. For those not familiar with Ukraine there may be a lingering question as to why anyone cares about what Russia does or why should anyone care that Ukrainians suffer. Here’s a few highlights to consider:

1. Russia has no historical right or claim to the lands of Ukraine or any of its territories, including the Crimean Peninsula.
2. It wasn’t until after the time of the Russian Monarchy, the Soviet Era, that Ukraine was forcibly absorbed into Communist Russia. Ukrainian natives were forced out and moved to central and western Russia while the U.S.S.R. strategically re-populated Ukraine with Russians.
3. The Donbass region of the Ukraine is the most resource-rich and the most developed industrial region of the Ukraine which explains, in part, why Putin intends to absorb the area back into Russia.
4. Russia, without control of Crimea or the Donbass region of Ukraine, has no warm water ports with access to the Mediterranean.
5. How critical, to the Sovereign Nation of Ukraine, is this contested (Donbass) region? Slightly more than two-thirds of the Nations GDP is dependent on this region.

By amassing troops on Ukraine’s border Russia is well aware that they are threatening an open breach of international law and that if the act they are overtly violating the boundaries of a Sovereign State which, under international law, is an Act of War. But then why should Putin care? He has a co-defense agreement with China so obviously he has nothing to fear from the Chicoms and without the U.S., NATO is worthless.

So then, what of the U.S.? The truth is center stage: Putin has B-Joe’s #. As Putin views it, and why shouldn’t he, if Biden won’t defend the U.S. Border why should Putin bother to worry about Biden assisting Ukraine with the defense of their (border)? More to the point: With Ukraine having found Biden and his Family guilty of steeling Millions of Dollars from the Ukrainian People Biden will never be willing to come to their aid. Further, with Biden Owned by the Chicoms and much of the U.S. Congress indebted to some Political Operative part-funded by Chicom Dollars these weak-minded fools are never going to act in defense of this Country; to do so is to risk of their political and financial base and that’s never going to happen. Ever!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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