Russian Hacking: Proving with No Proof!

While the Alt-Left continues to evolve the Hacking narrative, the Media regurgitates the suspected Trump-Putin link, the GOP Peasants bite the DNC’s baited hook and the brain continues to flutter over one critical omission; there is no surgical analysis of the basic facts being presented.

It is, without question, a case where the entire narrative is built upon inconclusive assumptions and selective omissions, key among them being James Clappers own testimony in early November, that the Intelligence Agencies “lacked strong evidence linking the Russian cyber-attacks to the WikiLeaks disclosures.” Further, and this fact is well known, given the dispersed and non-centralized nature of State-by-State voting process, it would be virtually impossible –sans a well-placed ground game, for an adversary to manipulate vote tabulations in any one of the voting States or Territories.

As is the case with Edward Snowden’s data dump, particularly for Americans insulated from the facts by a government-media complex bent on carving and manipulating the public conscience and assuming that you believe that the consenting governed should have the facts, I find it quite duplicitous for Politicos to be so righteously indignant over matters of truth, and their sources, when it seems that their outrage is primarily based on the fact that the Public only receives fact-based knowledge on matters that the System believes you have no right to know of.

Even if Russia/China did hack Party Offices or Secure Government sites do you really believe the U.S. isn’t doing the same thing? Moreover, I find that the real failure is not one associated with our Adversaries but by the absolute fact our Intelligence and Cyber-Tech apparatus actually allows it (hacking) to occur, Far worse is the occasion when a domestic political apparatus uses this Apparatus for political gain to the detriment of our most sacred institutions.

If the Intelligence Agency, prior to the discovery of the alleged “hacking”, had prior knowledge (which they did) of the Cyber-Footprint of the alleged hacker, “Cozy Bear” & “Fancy Bear”, why is it they weren’t engaged in counter-cyber intelligence functions that would have easily detected and blocked this so-called breach? Is it not plausible that armed with this knowledge that an operative could use this very same footprint as a tool for camouflaging their identity?

Why, with the knowledge of Hillary’s wonton breach of security protocols, did these much-vaunted Intelligence Agencies not move to suspend them? Why is it that this massive government security apparatus seems only best suited for merely detecting and excusing their failures, after the fact, based solely on information that was already known and either ignored or mis-interpreted? How is that a security/media apparatus, known for its all too frequent intelligence failures and near perpetual lapses in integrity, be positioned in such a way that the Public is easily directed down the rabbit-hole of pure lunacy?

Yes, it is possible Russia had some involvement in using WikiLeaks as a convenient data dump but does anyone really believe this is a recent occurrence? Could Russia/Putin done so as a slap in the face to Clinton for having attempted to manipulate the outcome of Putin’s election back in 2011? Sure, but then, as now, the outcomes were unaffected by these actions.

The truth is that the Obama Administration counter-attack for Russian/Chinese cyber-attacks, since early on in his presidency, has routinely been among the most lifeless forms of “at a time and a place of our choosing” threats. The fact is that Hillary Clinton lost the election because of her ineptness, her detachment from any sense of duty to this Republic, for her “Deplorable” comment, for her pathological ability to project a lie, for her complete lack of command over Policy Structures and real-world realities. Could it be that her loss, in the simplest of terms, was merely a function of there being an insufficient number of ignorant American’s willing to vote for here?

Whatever the case, it remains absolutely the case that it is Mrs. Clinton who is the cause of her failure and not at all a function of Russians or the Chinese cyber-attack. The overwhelming evidence leads to only one substantive conclusion: This is nothing more than a Politically-Driven hit job orchestrated by the Obama Administration, the Clintons, and their brooding minion. They’ve not only lost the White House, they’ve lost control and access to a system that has been feathering their coffers for nearly 30 years.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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