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Russian Hacking: Proving with No Proof!

While the Alt-Left continues to evolve the Hacking narrative, the Media regurgitates the suspected Trump-Putin link, the GOP Peasants bite the DNC’s baited hook and the brain continues to flutter over one critical omission; there is no surgical analysis of the basic facts being presented.

It is, without question, a case where the entire narrative is built upon inconclusive assumptions and selective omissions, key among them being James Clappers own testimony in early November, that the Intelligence Agencies “lacked strong evidence linking the Russian cyber-attacks to the WikiLeaks disclosures.” Further, and this fact is well known, given the dispersed and non-centralized nature of State-by-State voting process, it would be virtually impossible –sans a well-placed ground game, for an adversary to manipulate vote tabulations in any one of the voting States or Territories.

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