Spineless Certainty

Now that it has become abundantly clearly that the Biden-Harris Administration’s decision to further advance the mediocritizing of government we can now understand why they have resumed the intentional disembowelment of what remained of Representative Democracies most enduring Ideals.

It’s not a power-lust after all they’ve managed to prove the dominance of an already  systemic form of narcosis. Yes, Beijing-Joe/Harris are a part of a very type of toxicity very similar, if not identical, to that which the British suffered (and in many ways continue to this day) from in the years leading up to WWII; a venomous self-loathing that seethes from overdosing on a type of entitlement, the privilege of unchecked too much of, well, too much of whatever it is they find unrestrictedly intoxicating; think of it as an overdosing caused by the excesses associated with no consequence.

You see Hitler appropriately interpreted Chamberlain’s pomposity in no way that Chamberlain intended. Chamberlain expected that Hitler would compliantly defer to the Familial Ancestry common that bound Germain Kaiser Wilhelm with that of the British so-called Royal Family and related Aristocracy (Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm was first Cousin to the British Monarch at the time, George V which is why the Mountbatten Family Name was dropped and the name Windsor was adopted.) Chamberlain’s error was that he smugly presumed the family legacy an advantage while Hitler viewed the same as a strategic sign of utter weakness. Sadly, a great many peopled suffered for their idiotic and gravely depraved resolve.

So you see Beijing-Joe/Harris, no different than Chamberlain/Hitler, can’t seem to help themselves from taking actions the kind of which create scars that never Heal. Count on it, a thousand years from now the German People will still be reminded of the Holocaust and the Jewish People will never forget the suffering from it! Strange how we Humans agree that errors in judgment are and were always avoidable only after we willingly affect each and every one of them.

Every action taken by the Giant Intellects of Beijing-Joe and VP Harris has carved a predictably new-low in Public, Economic, Military and Foreign Policy each on their own one could navigate thru and find various means for mitigation and yet the greater sore, the near septic level of their prescribed assault which brutally cavitates the conscience, is the near complete and unadulterated rational they apply which openly and overtly escapes even the most elementary forms of rational discourse. Oh, and understand this: they’re just getting started.

In truth, the only method for evaluating their actions, in this or any of their methodical defects, would be to consider the most likely or the most predictable outcome that would result from a specific action or panoply of actions they affect. Even the most academic of analysis would conclude that the inevitable result it not just that of abject failure but of guaranteed collapse.

With each swing of the political pendulum this Nations suffers a perpetual and ever deepening scarring of its sacred flesh. As I engage in and/or monitor the conversations occurring around the nation I’ve been drawn to study and scale the ever-widening divide which seemingly defines the lines of polarity. The convenience of the 2nd Trump Impeachment Scheme afforded me a ready venue for observing the concentrated sickness afflicting this Nation, the open and festering sore that allowed me to efficiently synthesize a few critical faults. Consider the following:

  • While watching the Senate Impeachment Trials it became clear to me that the Senate Leadership, of both sides, had no interest in preserving the integrity of the Constitutional Order and I believe this fact is a warning which I define by way of a diagnosis: Congressional Leadership (Upper and Lower Chambers) is no longer effective representatives of their associate Citizenry; they are, for the most part, placeholders, Individuals who have found themselves in elected offices/positions only to discover that the only authority they have is merely in their choice wither or not to occupy the space and continue the illusion of the Citizen-Governed publicly while, privately, being increasing consumed by the beast-of-a-failed-State; you want to move on then your only choice is to go-along. Oh yes, their faces appear engaged but their actions, where it counts, is not their own; their names appear as sponsors of legislation or on the tally of votes. And, in actuality they don’t even write the legislation (you probably didn’t know that did you?) let alone read it which is the only defense they’ve left and yet, strangely, when was the last time you heard a Senator or Congressmen say they elected not to vote on a Bill because they were never given the time to read it.
  • The Break-down in the structure of our Federal Government is near complete; hell, even Chief Justice Roberts refused to preside over Trumps second trial for the simple reason that if he did, he knew the outcome would force a Constitutional Crisis, one that would end up at the Supreme Court; the very Court where he’s the Chief Justice! Do you realize what that means? Do you have any idea what your conditioned lunacy has allowed? The Chief Justice, the Primary Arbiter of the very Court that hears and rules on Constitutional Issues would have to Recuse Himself were he to have officiated a mockery of key Constitutional Provisions and numerous Constitutionally Protected (inalienable) rights! Just Brilliant!
  • It is clear that Pelosi has known all along, even back to the first Impeachment Trial, that Trump was never going to be convicted in the Senate. Moreover, she was made well aware of the facts that all of the charges (in the first trial as well as the second) were unsubstantiated and even their own legal analysts told them it was an unsustainable action. As in the first, the second attempt both Pelosi and Schumer knew that they’d gone even further over the Constitutional Line and yet that didn’t stop them, reasonable and rational minds (still) failed to prevail. Further, they knew, in advance, that Trump’s team and supporters had blunt and direct evidence that there were no impeachable offenses they also knew they had direct evidence (they’d prepared to present and which would make great 2022 campaign fodder) of the Dems complicity and hypocrisy. Surprised that the trial unceremoniously ended with barley a wrinkle in the mass-media firmament? Watching the actions of the so-called “impeachment managers”, their smug duplicity and raunchy hyperbole clearly displays a serous detachment from their duties, their oaths of office but mostly to their fundamental duties to the people they represent and to the whole of a Nation regardless of party affiliation, color of skin, religion (or not) or sex or to the yet to be born.

What does it mean? Let me compose my observation in one simple phrase: They don’t mind (the abuses and damages their rhetoric and indifferences impose) simply because you don’t matter. It’s simply not possible to explain their actions in any other way.

Still, I must confess that I do believe my observations are not merely an affliction confined to our Elected Officials, I believe it is a condition we should look to ourselves and see how complicit we are thru our own actions or inactions as well as our own indifferences and how we contribute to the afflictions that affect the whole of “We.”

Yes, I know it sound kumbaya and renewable-subaru-esque but ignoring culpability doesn’t lessen or does it defeat the outcome now does it.

2022 is coming quick and while we will always have the opportunity to correct errors in judgement I believe we also have no valid excuses for making them, again.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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