Texas Size Fantasy

As the weather patterns push the Artic Chill deeper into Southern States (and no this is not a global-warming phenom but a predictable pattern predictably on replay) the appeal of renewable energy schemes again exposes its greater and permanent weaknesses.

  1. The conversion to so-called renewable energy is shutting down existing productive capacity at a rate faster than the replacement technologies ability to substitute the loss the end result is that the U.S. Power Grid is experiencing Black-Outs (Power Grid-Shortages) at a rate never before seen. The lack of planning of course is obvious however the greater challenge none dare consider is not only the overwhelming lack of developmental research and related funding but far worse is the rush to implement deeply flawed and far more dangerous (environmental) and inadequate technologies that do and represent far greater risks than those they replace.
  2. At present there is no recyclable protocols for Wind Turbine blades whose average life span is an average of 15 years, about the same life span of the winder turbine itself. The U.S. Taxpayer is footing the bill for disposal (“retirement”) of these blades tens of thousands of which, most the size of a Boeing 747 wing, per year are being buried in stacks thirty feet deep in landfills located in either Iowa or S. Dakota.

While there are many documentable examples of just how the Renewable-Energy Scam has cratered the durability of the once envy-of-the-world U.S. power grid the most obvious defect, the single greatest fault in the entire scheme is also the one few are willing to face:

  • To refer to these energy sources as “renewable” is both a misnomer and defiantly deceptive. The claim of “renewable” falsely asserts that these resources have no net cost, carbon footprint or environmental impact. The fact is that no single, so-called, renewable source has a smaller footprint (measured on any level combined or otherwise one may choose) than any of the readily available fuel source or near-term alternative let alone one of a BTU equivalencies to that of LNG/NG or Coal even when filtered thru currently “clean” technologies that scrub 90 percent plus of the CO2 produced. NONE! PERIOD, END OF STORY! And,
  • Conversions away from fossil fuels do not reduce the demand for electricity, in actuality, while demands for electricity are accelerating far greater than this nation’s productive capacity population shifts are creating unexpected demands on utility grids never designed for these dramatic increases. Texas, as seen in recent events, is suffering from a power-failure only because their power capacity was designed to produce for a 1980-95 population base and household power demand of the era; the State of Texas’ population has nearly doubled since 1980.

The Political attributions preventing a disciplined approach toward advancing past these first-generation fuel sources and on to a regenerable power supply are the very same as those that destroyed mass-transit in this country so that the Automobile and related industries could reign supreme. Fuel Cell, Thorium and other advanced power-generation technologies are being sidelined simply because of political expediency and/or political/economic survivability all of which is made possible by an American Public far too interested in the seismic intoxication of fashionable ignorance. Yes, you can fantasize over the illusion that your hybrid or Tesla will weave a whole new canopy of green but the truth of the matter is that these toy, in environmental terms, are the nutritional equivalent of an Oreo Cookie.

Just how bad is it (this ignorance)? Get a copy of Bill Gates latest exercise (“How To Avoid Climate Disaster”) in the mass messaging of misinformation and you will see yet another example of just how easy it is to sell a lie and one of the many causal forces behind why the truth remains so unconvincing to so many people. Hidden, just barely, beneath his lofty perch Mr. Gates offers the same choral rhetoric of all previous forms of grime: Spend enough money and we can simplify stupid.

I study the plenary of the caustic and the ambivalent that exist all around us as a tool for reminding Folks that while at times it may seem we are destined to fail in truth I see it all as greeting, an invitation, proof that our destiny is but a certainty. Yes indeed, it is a certainty but one whose fruition lies in wait, dependent on each of us, individually, stepping up and expressing the gift, the talent each of us must contribute in order for the whole to unfold as intended. Further good news: There is no shortage of opportunities where we are destined to excel.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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