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Shared Sacrifice & Nausea

It’s moments before the President’s scheduled news conference; the world is in peril, the economy teeters on the edge of collapse and a people in search of leadership drift toward the nearest CSP. Thank goodness for the Ministry of Communication who only months before, in responds to The Committee on Media Harmony’s issuance of Social-Justice Mandate – SJM # 319, installed Community Sooth-Ports (CSP) in an effort to reach the growing number of state-sponsored ascension-zones(CZ). CZ’s are being developed through Federal block-grants administered by the Environmental Thought-Transparency Forum and we are told that the public appreciates their utility.

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Fund a Broken System?

 The many faces of the political argument surround Monetary Policy makes identifying the core issue virtually impossible unless and until of course one realizes that the core issue is purely political mixed with an equal measure of intellectual dyslexia. 

All sorts of sordid affairs and mixed intentions are at work attempting to clutter the various targets of conflict; deficits vs. budget, budget vs. entitlement, entitlements vs. debt and so on.  Not unlike the causal forces that stirred action toward bailing out the “to big to fail,” the same rush to errors in judgment are peaking into the view of many who also believe the U.S. Government is also to big to fail. All of which leads me, once again, to the very same question I posed at that time:  Why fund a broken system? 

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