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Stock Market Plundering Proves Serious Defect in Globalized Market

Consolidating Monetary Policy into a Globalized Cabal has been the long-planned goal of the Fractional Banking System; this is a fact and the greatest defect in fiat monetary policy. Other than the fact that it is impossible for this system to allow wages to keep pace with its own mandatory levels of inflation, is that it functions only so long as inflation persists and ever expanding fields of plunder are made available.

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China & The Global Markets; A Short Story

The recent volatility in the global markets is simply due to the fundamentals of China’s economic model, the most prominent of which is the structural imbalance designed into its system. It is in many ways not at all dissimilar to the U.S. who has been smitten with the belief that it can create substantive economic health by debt-funded deficit spending, cheap imported products and salacious monetary policy.

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DOW Bowing to Speculative Risk?

For many, any discussion regarding the FED, monetary policy and global financial markets trends toward brain-freeze and the soon to be made reference is no exception. Nonetheless, to understand how our economic interests have been so grotesquely abused the truth behind the FED’s quantitative-easing, the interconnectivity between federal debt & unfunded mandates reveals the greater risk they create. Every American needs to come out from under their sports memorabilia and their ignorance and bone-up on reality.

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Banking: The Pirate Subsidy

As the President and Congress express interest in avoiding the Fiscal Cliff I am struck by the narrow field of options being considered; the predictable barrier between what would otherwise be thought of inspired or ingenious and the irreconcilable desire to preserve the structured chaos of a political and economic policy spectrum that is as stale as it is seriously and supremely biased toward imbalance.  

There are many areas of our political and economic system that require restructuring but none more important than the national financial system; more specifically the Banking System. To understand the role of Banking in its present form is to position oneself within the very mechanism(s) which make the Central Banking System mathematically unsustainable and a theoretical dead-end and.  

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Fund a Broken System?

 The many faces of the political argument surround Monetary Policy makes identifying the core issue virtually impossible unless and until of course one realizes that the core issue is purely political mixed with an equal measure of intellectual dyslexia. 

All sorts of sordid affairs and mixed intentions are at work attempting to clutter the various targets of conflict; deficits vs. budget, budget vs. entitlement, entitlements vs. debt and so on.  Not unlike the causal forces that stirred action toward bailing out the “to big to fail,” the same rush to errors in judgment are peaking into the view of many who also believe the U.S. Government is also to big to fail. All of which leads me, once again, to the very same question I posed at that time:  Why fund a broken system? 

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