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Kase Kinney of WRFA – The Inquiry Continues

Broadcast: November 17, 2010

In this latest installment of the On Point Series we had a wonderful visit with Kase Kinney of WRFA. The topics include Tax Code, Job Creation and the continuing Real Estate/Mortgage Market dysfunction and possible remedies for each.  Once again, Kase demonstrates a truly intuitive command of the issues and I am again honored with the privilege of spending time with him discussing such critically relevant matters.

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Kase Kinney of WRFA Hosts Curtis Greco

Kase Kinney brings his audience a broad range of hot topics. He explores local as well as national issues with a probing and astute format. I’m grateful for his generosity and genuine persona. Show hi-lights include Government vs. the Ideals of America, Global Economics and more. Enjoy!

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