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Curtis Greco On-Point with Jim Sandell of KDAZ

Jim Sandell of KDAZ Albuguerque, NM welcomed back Curtis Greco for a follow-up visit for a second round of the On-Point series.  In this segment Jim targets the topic “2012: Let the Games Begin” for a preliminary discussion on the dynamics of the 20 month-long Election Season now underway. It’s fast becoming an audience favorite for its brisk interchange and its surgical approach to a Hot Topic. Sit back and listen in to this Re-Cast of another solid Jim Sandell interview.

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Jim Sandell of KDAZ On-Point with Curtis Greco

Curtis Greco’s On-Air visit with Jim Sandell of 730 Am KDAZ Albuquerque, NM received high marks for its in-depth and On-Point review of Mr. Obama’s Middle-East Policy. Jim Sandell’s demonstrates an incredible willingness and effortlessly teases a breadth of conversation that far too often is rarely explored to the level and depth required.  Definitely worth your time.

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Curtis Greco visits with host Karen Sebey of WSKV Radio’s Nice to Know Series!

A classic news magazine show complete with a broad range of topics and issues that will be familiar to every American; you deal with each every day.  Ms. Sebey expresses her unique passion for all things American in a uniquely warm and inviting way; it’s not unlike sitting down for a visit with a close friend.  It’s that good!

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Andy Hooser of KIUL Mid-America & Curtis Greco – The Politics of Elitism

In this segment Andy Hooser drives the conversation on an important issue; the caustic growth of Political Elitism. A content-filled segment that is sure to rank high on his growing audience’s list of favorites.  Take a listen, this visit might make your Favorites List as well.

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Mike Miller of WIMA Radio & Curtis Greco talk China – The Hu Doctrine

The current edition of what may become a regular contribution to the Mike Miller Show on WIMA, Lima, Ohio.  A super topic that continues to be largely ignored by the national media – not here!  Excellent content on a subject American’s need to pay close attention too!

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