Targets of Iranian Opportunity and Regret

Since the Reagan Administrations involvement in the repatriation of the Iranian-held American Hostages the Iranian People have been incarcerated by a Fascist Regime masquerading as a Regressive Theocracy. Their interests are to restore the Ancient Persian Empire, chase the West out of the Middle East and reverse the mindless partitioning (largely orchestrated by the British) of the region. All this financed by their Oil Industry and by whatever means their opportunistic expertise might cultivate.

Much like it is and has been for the American People, Iranian families have suffered a tragic level of deprivation at nearly every level that matters; a nation hijacked by the predatory interests of a select few both inside and outside of their sovereign land. History conspicuously illustrates in well documented form how the price for these abuses is recorded by the suffering and dying of the very People these Legates are sworn to serve and yet this revolving roulette of seemingly random abuses continue. (Sidebar: The degree to which the Iranian People have been protesting the abuses of the current regime is being under-reported, significantly.) The price will be painful and it may be high however there should be no doubt that this the U.S. must do its part to end this insanity and end being the political-storefront for interests who benefit from it continuing.

Here’s just a sampling of what is known:

  1. Iran is, in fact, a Fascist Regime masquerading as a Regressive Theocracy.
  2. Iran has made acts of terrorism a “national policy” and has, since the Regime’s inception, marked (at one time or another) nearly every nation on the planet as either a target or used as a satellite platform from which they train, sponsor and/or launch their terrorist acts.
  3. Since the collapse of Shah Pahlavi’s reign, and to the present day, Iran’s forces have been active in every theater of U.S. Middle East Operations, are known to have cells throughout much of the EU, the America’s including the United States.
  4. Despite the supportive proselytizing of the Obama Administration’s Nuclear Deal (JCPOA) it is well known, all the way back to 2003, that Iran had already perfected the processing of fissionable material (Yellow Cake); ironically publicly claimed by none other than Iranian President Hassan Rouhani then head of the Iranian nuclear program.
  5. Despite the supportive proselytizing of the Obama’s JCPOA the fact is the Iranian’s had already demonstrated their ability to detonate a WMD (all indications indicated the technical advancements needed to accomplished this task were sourced from N. Korea and Pakistan and this was independently verified by IAEA, U.S. Intelligence and Israeli Intelligence (there are indications that the British as well as the French may also have confirmed the same).
  6. Without limitation being placed on the development of Ballistic Missile capabilities there would be no beneficial reason for the U.S. to endorse the JCPOA; given the known conditions then one must ask and then pursue the answer to the following question: Why was Obama/Clinton/Kerry driven to secure an agreement with Iran, what was the compelling motive? There are indications that there are two reasons for why Obama went along with the Europeans and endorsed the JCPOA: (a.) Iran needed the technical and economic support (from a select group of EU Member States who would receive massive economic rewards) promised and/or integral to the structured wish-list contained with the articles of the JCPOA and (b.) There are very strong indications that Obama/Clinton were being threatened by, if they didn’t go along with the JCPOA, with the public release of the relationship between Ambassador Stephens death (in Libya) and Obama/Clinton’s sale of Stinger Missiles (which Congress had made illegal); it is believed that the Iranians have, in their possession, the spent projectile (and serial #) of a U.S. made Stinger Missile.

Given the stated threats (by Iran) and their proven tendencies, methods and tactics it is irretrievably asinine for anyone to suggest that Trumps shoring-up of U.S. positions is an anathema to his stated goal of ending U.S. perpetual war-footing in the Middle-East; tactically speaking it would be a fools-exercise to weaken a retreat by suspending the ability to secure your footprint and your flank.

“I have long been an advocate of American strength but only so far as it is an extension of the American Representative Government acting to preserve and promote the economic sovereignty and development of the American People.”

Now then, as to targeting of the Iranian General, Qassim Soleimani, a known and well documented architect of Iranian aggressions and whose free-movement about the Middle East both testifies to Iran’s flamboyant exhibition of its projection of power and telegraphs the patterned locales of Iran’s client-operatives and the mounting number of American fatalities/injured our tolerance permits. In terms of a comparative risk-analysis I believe the single greatest known and controllable risk one might consider to be equal to or greater than Soleimani is the one represented by the Democratic opposition to controlling/securing the U.S. Boarder!

Do expect that any number of Political Activists will rise to claim that Trump has/had no authority to act which of course is pure nonsense and pathologically idiotic particularly given that they jumped for joy when Obama launched the hunt for Bin Laden or attacked Libyan targets. At the level this President, or any President operates, there are both calculable and incalculable levels of risk accompanied by intended, unintended and inconceivable consequence(s); in the present environment the facts are conclusive: Given the nature of the Beast (Iran and the Middle-East) and the asymmetrical threat that exists in the region it is predictable that political adversaries would find it advantageous to suggest the targeting of Qasem Soleimani has increased U.S. exposure to an Iranian attack, sponsored or otherwise; a devoutly ignorant assertion which suggests that prior to Soleimani’s death no such Iranian threat existed which of course is utterly preposterous.

I have long been an advocate of American strength but only so far as it is an extension of the American Representative Government acting to preserve and promote the economic sovereignty and development of the American People. I am certain that the only relevant and appropriate extension and measure of American Strength can only be observed in those nations who wish to emulate the pattern/structure that lay behind our success. Pattern/structures such as: Our reverence for Divine Ideals, our reverence and regard for the value of life, the success in our stewardship of the planet and its resources, the success of and reverence for the family unit, our pursuit of comprehensive economic and academic integration and our stubborn and unrelenting reliance on self while simultaneously devoting our individual efforts to the enabling of the rising tide.

A strong and capable military force is an appropriate and reliable deterrence and yet we must never consider the power of conquest to be a substitute for or emblematic of our strength as individuals or as a nation.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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