The Mission Creep of Fascism (a.k.a., Kanye Goes to Washington)!

Knowing no limits the attack on a most critical vestibule continues; the chamber that both identifies the need for Individuality to prevail and the enclave where the Individual, each Individual, is held Divinely Sacred!

I don’t know Kanye West and the extent to which I do is largely from media excerpts and yes, I confess I had a rough time compressing his peripatetic ramblings into a coherent train of thought – likely an example of the Fascist mantra of a government that only shows up to assist at election time and leaves the unsuspecting to deal with the fallout of their treacherous calculus. Still his sense of flair is most conspicuous and left me with a level of certainty that he is indeed a passionate Man and dedicated to his convictions and here too I must also admire the President for allowing the media draw of the Oval Office available to both him and NFL great Jim Brown.

From all of this single event’s curiosities comes one fundamental truth: interacting with the Fascist-Left is becoming an increasingly horrific scene. Observe the manner in which they progress thru their strategic plan, how silent and flaccid the Left is when it comes to lifting the conversation, making a contribution to the process, raising the expectations of those who have been beaten down or demeaned into submission. Their approach is one of diminution and is the single most conspicuous exhibition of their perpetually reoccurring defect. On both ends of the spectrum they are villainous!

Step out of the hall that houses the Fascist Mob’s Message and reap upon yourself the total dismissal of your right to be, your Individual right to express You. Notice how quickly the Fascist’s move into attack mode! Yes, as soon as the montage of Mr. West’s ramblings hit the airwaves the sinister mob was in hit mode; regardless of the occasionally meritorious offering it was clear the Fascista’s were not going to give quarter to the idea, to the notion that Mr. West actually made several very potent declarations and then of course let’s not ignore the potential of a President who genuinely works to make progress because he understands the ball needs moved forward and moved affirmatively and not because they are African-Americans but because they are Americans: not because it’s a political calculation but because like all humans they are Divinely Sacred and are entitled to no less.

The ethereal root of Fascism is built upon an entirely irreverent model of cannibalism, singularly ambivalent as to any spiritual chord while being solely dedicated to the liberal expression of the apocryphal all of which is left unattached to any standard to which it must account. The great danger of this current movement, and others like it following a similar structural thread, is how few actually observe it as a threat. It is massive and it’s growing both in numbers and in its penetration into the fabric of the Country. It needs to be stopped before the message of its threat is no longer deliverable.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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