The Bias of Transparency:

MIT Econ Professor, J. Grubber, though weeping with academic ooze is merely an orderly in the legions of so-called architects that romp around the shadows of government. Not only are they paid to orchestrate legislation, they are tools of vested interests who prey on the ignorance of elected officials.

It is true that the American public is ignorant, but not in the way Grubber suggests. The ignorance of the American People rests solely in their belief that Congress legislates in response to authentic American interests, burning the oil late into the night crafting sound legislation.  The fact is, and the recent release of various Grubber exhibitions illustrates the aloof academic intoxicated with a bias of stupidity, that Congress (and the President) is regularly directed by money influences who eagerly remind Politicians of their skill-set for influencing voters with well-crafted manipulations and with no consideration of the cost to the order of governance or to the American people.

Is there transparency? Certainly, but only in what is to be seen which is distinctly different than what should be known and this describes the bias of transparency. The characterization that the GOP, flush with post-election exuberance, will release a more aggressive war on Obamacare (and well it should) ignores the facts about this legislation; a virulent strain of intolerable waste and abuse.

Still there’s a far greater issue that this legislation shares with countless others. It was, from the breeding grounds of its creators, inevitable that it would be a virulent strain of intolerable waste and abuse of government powers. If any of those who voted for it had read the Bill they would have had countless reasons for not voting for it and the fact that although none that voted for it, including the President, had never actually read it proves the point.

Will Mr. Obama exercise executive action? Yes he will and for one simple reason; he’s a pathological demigod saturated with the attributes of narcissistic contempt so extreme that not a one seems willing to challenge him.

The following are a select group of responses to questions/comments received after the original article was received. We believe you will find them of interest.

#1: In any government where the interests of the people are sidestepped in favor of a dominant interest there can be no such thing as transparency. In a nation where the electorate prefers to remain aloof, disinterested and/or politicized they are then ill-equipped to recognize the presence of non-transparency.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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