The Last Word on Health Care

In the upcoming release of Volume III, in the Blind Vision Series – Valor in Prosperity, I offer a series of “concepts which, should the Peoples Choose, could be employed to reclaim our sovereign national heritage. At the very minimum, they represent sufficient evidence for the poverty of thought existing within a System which suggests despotism as the only option available.  

Volume III is built upon a series of points referred to as Stimulus Concepts and one, by no coincidence, is the subject of Health Care. The concepts offered address the two most critical flaws of the current system each conspicuously ignored by the various Health Care Reform proposals presently being offered by the Administration. The ideas I support are consistent with our form of government and our market economy strengths and thus being so, it is supremely relevant.  

Observing the year-plus long orchestration on the health care issue I must confess I never could have though it would last this long. I truly expected the Government would heed the Peoples objections and toss the current and proposed refuse and work toward a more complete and functional approach. It appears however this is not going to happen.  It seems that the dysfunctional nature of autocratic divisiveness is going to take the last step toward assuring this Nations ultimate demise.  

It appears that we will easily wither toward suspension and truly be the equal of all by merging ourselves with the global malaise of third-world status quo.  Job well done Mr. President, Congressmen and woman, you all appear to be well on your way to insuring a rather dubious and historical distinction!  

If by some stroke of good fortune we escape what appears, presently, to be a certain outcome, the scaring of the national landscape is, none the less, permanent!  Again, job well done!  As is the nature of uncontrolled regimes, Government (at all levels) has proven itself incapable of honoring the social contract between themselves and the consenting governed.  

On the subject of Health Care, here are a few examples of why and how the concept, as designed, is doomed to failure.  Under the title of conspicuous by their absence, they are as follows: 

  1. The systemic problems with Health Care will never be solved without first addressing the Medicaid/Medicare Problem.
  2. Adding to # 1, there is a systemic problem with Social Security. Combined, these 3 systems total $110 Trillion, growing at $1Trillion annually, unfunded costs (otherwise known as “Unfunded Mandates”).  Yes $110 TRILLION!  And the Policy Makers will tell you that the Program reduces the deficit: disingenuous is the least toxic word that comes to mind!
  3. Add to #1 & #2 herein, the associated costs, from Medicaid/Medicare alone that require reimbursements from the States which, under either the Senate or House version, will in as short as 2 years more than double the current enrollment of the current plans should further cause one alarm.  This act alone will push States costs for Medicaid/Medicare over the $100 Billion per year mark and this estimate  is for only the first two years of the plans conversion – California’s costs alone, presently, are $33 Billion / year.  Considering the States individual fiscal crisis, how can this concept be described, if only on this one point, as “deficit neutral”?
  4. Failure to address Malpractice / Tort reform for physicians.
  5. Does not address the associate costs or funding mechanisms for providing care to undocumented beneficiaries.
  6. Does not address the corporal structure of beneficial interest whose perennial advantage has now become a government mandate unto itself (hint: pharmaceuticals and med equipment manufacturers).
  7. Does not address the cost structure and inadequacies of existing reimbursements practices and “hard cost containment”.
  8. Does not create a structured (base line) of coverage for free-market competition.
  9. Shifts the burden of State-Run Entitlement/Benefits (costs) programs to the National Government.
  10. Shifts unfunded Union Benefits program costs to National Government.
  11. Permits Federal and State Governments to maintain existing private plans for Elected Officials, Staff and all other Federal and State employees. 

These are but a few.  Take a look at this “brief”  for a few more examples. 

In effect, what the Government is doing is systematizing the structured disfiguration of and already over-burdened Health Care System by incorporating, nationwide, the failed practices and policies of the existing entitlement programs of Medicaid/Medicare.   Systemic failure, selectively applied.  

Government should never be allowed to operate outside of its mandated authority and this current example is yet another illustration of it doing precisely that.  The System proselytizes that the Cost estimates for the planned program to be, by fiscal year 2019, to have an aggregate cost of a mere $1.5 Trillion (CBO) however, YOU NEED TO CONSIDER THIS: The Congressional Budget Office “projections”, historically, have never, NEVER, been accurate!  I recommend that you take a look at this Report  to witness first hand just how Historically Wrong the CBO is.

Before you process this information further, consider these two tidbits of information: 

  1. In 1965, the Johnson Administration projected that Medicare would cost about $12 billion in 26 years. By 1990, 26 years later, Medicare’s actual tab was $110 billion, or almost 10 times the original projection.  As of 2009,  it was at $400 Billion per year.
  2. Social Security, in 1947 had a trust fund balance of $12 Million Dollars with a neutral cost projection. In 2008,  Social Security pays out $664 Billion per year and has a Trust Fund completely funded by IOU’s from the U.S. Treasury which, when SS requires funds, it redeems and IOU which requires the Treasury to sell more Treasury Certificates to investors which in turn, adds to the Federal Debt Level!  Unbelievable the arrogance of the Political Machinery! 

So one might be inclined to ask: Can the Health Care System in this country be reformed?  Absolutely!  Is the Governments current approach a viable approach?  Absolutely NOT! 

This Country may likely, as it has on far too many occasions, end up with a Reform Bill that has defiantly no hope of Reforming Health Care!  

“There are few, if any examples, where legislative or judicial actions further the cause of perfecting individual freedom; however there are countless examples where these actions further the cause and interests of those who fear the benevolent forces of freedom!” 

The Public and Media assault seems to believe the current approach is to Socialize Health Care: I’ve a bit of bad news for you, it already IS Socialized Medicine and has been so since the day Medicaid/Medicare was passed!   The reason the System is in the mess it presently is and will continue to fail is only because the Government continues to masquerade the process by draping existing and past legislative failures by creating yet another (failure). 

“Intrusive and coercive government’s greatest fear is the market forces of freedom and thus it orients its considerable force to insure the opposition possesses as little influence as possible!” 

It is not so much the failure and absence of prudent action that is the measure of damage, no,  it is far more pervasive than this!  It is the fracturing of our Constitutional process that has been irreparably harmed!  The Public has been given, likely for the first time, a Civics Lesson as to the Legislative Process as well as a penetrating look in to the complete and total derisiveness of Government in practice and at its peak force of overt, most pervasive and most contemptuous indifference to the Sovereign Rights of the American People!  

Here is both the face of deception and the forum by which it cannibalizes its host;  pay close attention to both the similarities of the “quotes” and their authorship, simply striking!!!  

“My biggest fight has been between those who wanted to do something incremental and those who wanted to do something comprehensive….We won that fight, and once we kick through this door, there’ll be more legislation to follow.”  Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, 3/15/10 


“We enter parliament in order to supply ourselves, in the arsenal of democracy, with its own weapons. If democracy is so stupid as to give us free tickets and salaries for this bear’s work, that is its affair. We do not come as friends, nor even as neutrals. We come as enemies. As the wolf bursts into the flock, so we come.”  Joseph P. Goebbels, NAZI Minister of Propaganda.  

The Last Word on Health Care is also the last word on Representative Government! 

Preserve it, or not, it is ultimately the Peoples Choice which, I might add, is precisely as it should be!

 Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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