I Did, I Sent You!

I, like many, find myself more and more disenfranchised from a political system that bears no resemblance to the promise of our national heritage.

Our national sovereignty and economic future has been repackaged and outsourced with the speed and efficiency of an IRS tax lien; entire industries have been relocated, leaving behind vacant warehouse, silent factories, idle resources of all types and worst of all, broken dreams. 

In a country whose very identity rests upon the genius of an ideal that prior to its formation had never seen the light of day, seeing the promise of this land and the industry of so vibrant and genuine a people summarily laid to waste is, as it is for most, simply heart breaking!

And then of course, what of our children?  I think of my own and I ask myself: “How can we let this stand?” I hear others say, “What has happened?” I hear even more say, “Somebody’s got to do something about this!” And when I hear this comment, I often think of the following story which I heard some years ago. Perhaps one day I’ll share the story of how I came to hear it.  

It’s a story about a man who walks in to a church. You see, he’s down on his luck, he’s lost his business, he’s lost his family and his view of the world is hopeless and in complete disarray. He walks up to the altar and stares squarely at the image upon the cross and with the strained voice of a person in emotional and physical pain he attempts to impale the image with his words, “Why? Why have you done this to me? Why have you let the world fall upon me this way? The world is in turmoil and you sit idly by and just let it happen! What kind of love is this you speak of? How can you speak to me of goodness when this is to be the world in which a man finds himself! Why, oh why, don’t you do something!”

His energy spent, the room’s light gently softens and becomes suddenly still. And then, awakening the stillness of the moment is the warmth of a soft resonant voice and it speaks these simple words: “I did, I sent you.”

I’ll ask of you this: please do remember, in particular, the last five words of the preceding paragraph. They are a foundation on which to build a remarkable life!

It is not often that we find ourselves aware of moments that will later become known as “defining.”  Here is what I’ve learned:  Each moment is one which possesses the promise of being “defining”, each moment represents either a missed opportunity or a defined opportunity brought to life.

As Robert Frost wrote:

“… The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”

Likely not the context Mr. Frost intended, still I to believe, to one another, we have many a promise yet to keep. I also believe that the journey towards the fulfillment of each can begin at any time of our choosing.

Afterall, there are Angels everywhere!  You may be the very source a need is praying for!  I’m sure of it!

Be a part of a life changing experience!

All the best!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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