Trump Announces Middle-East and Greater Indo-Asian Policy

The reality is that the U.S. is in the global geo-political (military) quagmire by design; a design tethered to a global-hegemony routine orchestrated by an Elitist Ideology that long ago confiscated the resources of the U.S. expressly for the purpose of securing its predatory interests.

Trump, by no means a Globalist (the opposition waged against him is all the proof you need to affirm this), has no interest in military engagements however, he has come to understand one fundamental truth: a unilateral pull-out is accompanied by an unavoidable risk, the foot that fills the boot your departure abandons.

Make no mistake, the Globalists are keenly aware of this “risk” and purposefully use it as a tool for blocking a unilateral withdrawal. Trumps address to the nation expresses an approach, that if applied to the fullest, offers a respectable level of blunt force trauma that the Globalist Hawks will happily endorse while leaving the President the versatility to change course should the Generals not be able to deliver.

As remarkable, in its frank and admirably honest (acknowledging his policy flip) terms, as it was I’d have preferred he’d been more explicit on facets that though he did lightly touch would have helped his cause and better explain, in more comprehensive terms, this new policy apparatus.

For example: the root cause, which previous Administrations have concealed, being the destabilizing forces and interests of China and Russia who have equipped Pakistan, N. Korea and Iran with their nuclear weapons infrastructure and financial assistance that has, in particular, allowed both Pakistan and Iran to be a far more invasive influence than most realize. Additionally, worth noting is the economic ascendancy of India who China views as a direct threat to their area influence and frequently seasons increased tensions between India and Pakistan.

In short terms, this policy switch is far more purposeful and comprehensive reaching well beyond Afghanistan and illustrates that this President has a far more developed capacity than his predecessors (with the exception of JFK) particularly where the distinction of American (vs. Global Elite) interests are concerned.

Lastly, for the moment, and though it may not be readily apparent, Trump has cleverly rattled a saber (to Russia and China) in a manner that is quite remarkable while at the same time he may have checked, for the time being, his political opponents. If he can manage to throttle his temperament, he may very well have reignited the prospects of his domestic economic agenda.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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