What if, Health Care?

Judging from the commentaries and poling data orbiting about the celestial news media it would appear that America is approaching a state of willing consciousness. I speak specifically to the subject of National Health Care as it appears that the American People may be discovering the truth of Partisan Bully-Politics and its predilection for defining centralized-failure as a common goal which, by the way, is not at all that dissimilar to mass-suicide. 

Still, I’ve a want to inquire as to the whole Health-Care-Charade from a slightly different perspective, a few degrees of separation as it where.  A few short moments down a dimly lit path of the “What if” line of inquiry.  And, if you’ve been following the last seven years of my writings then you’ll have had ample reason for understanding why I’ve an abundance of contempt for the practices of party-governance. Any organism that persistently does so many things so very poorly should never be permitted to persists, or at the very least, should never be allowed to persist off of the backs of the American People.  Why not let it succumb to its own devices, suffocating under the weight of its own lethargy?  I believe quite possibly, this suffocation is occurring before our very eyes!

Now then, to our inquiry; why not start off with a few quick questions and/or observations:

  1. Governments’ administrative and managerial competency achieves perennial failure status. Why then would any sane individual be willing to impose this stellar performance record on a system (National Health Care) the potential size of which is projected to be 3-4 times the size of Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, combined. Can this Nation afford further institutionalized failure?
  2. At what point did health care become a Government mandate? I see no reference to the concept in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence or the Federalist Papers and surely there were health concerns a-plenty in the 1700’s were there not?
  3. It should come as no surprise that the single greatest explosion in the cost of government is in the area of entitlements.  At the present time, SS and Medicare/Medicaid have unfunded mandates in the $107 Trillion range growing at $1.1 Trillion per year.  
  4. It is estimated that nearly $6.7 Trillion has been disbursed through various “bailout” slush funds and/or directly by the Federal Reserve to Financial Institutions and of course to GM and Chrysler ($82 Billion).  After all, when you print the money and control its distribution, you also are able to determine who receives it.   More importantly, and this is a key point to what follows, if you are able to determine who is to be the beneficiary of the funds, would it be unreasonable to believe there would be little if any motivation to operate a business enterprise (Government or Private Sector) with any sense of fiscal responsibility?  The answer of course is “no”, there is no motivation toward fiscal responsibility and the proof of it is in the frequency one heres of the most common solution to the economic crisis as being to raise taxes or to create yet another government program.
  5. GM and Chrysler, not unlike the Federal Reserve sponsored Wall Street Hustlers, managed to transfer all of the risk of loss to the U.S. taxpayer while the Unions received an economic windfall in the form of direct ownership (and “warrants) for each Company. Excluding the unfunded pension benefits of $17 Billion, the U.S. Taxpayer is on the hook, at the moment, for approximately $82 Billion.
  6. We now know that State and Local Government Pensions are estimated to be underfunded by no less than $3.5 Trillion and this number does not include the health care cost component.  Any wonder who is on the hook for these?


I think one should be inclined to consider the following:  As a U.S. Citizen with so little influence on the system and its processes, why is it that Government is so influential and efficient at obligating you to its failures yet those who orchestrate the imposition do not share in the burden.

These are just a few simple observations which, when taken as a whole, evolved in to yet another curiosity which others may find equally interesting as well:

Why was Business-America so quiet and conspicuously compliant with respect to the national health-care debate?  After all, the massive financial burden that National Health Care would prove to be was well known yet why only until recently have objections from the likes of Intel, AT&T, Deere & Company, Boeing, Eaton, Honeywell and McDonalds only recently surfaced.

As an avid student of political, business and individual behavioral dynamics, here is what I do know to be a pure and unadulterated fact:

“In the convergence of economics and politics, there are no coincidences!”

Government, left to its own devices becomes nothing more than the abject extension of centralized bias – more control loves ever more control and thus moves and articulates its actions to gain ever more control.  Or, as I’ve written about in the Blind Vision Series,

“The greatest fear for the monopoly-of-power is the free market of choice!”

For discreet examples of the truth of this statement, one has only to look at the devastating events history preserves quite conspicuously:

  1. Rome expands through conquest to indulge its ever increasing appetite.  Result: Unsustainability leads to collapse.
  2. England, France, Spain and Portugal expand through conquest to indulge their ever increasing appetite. Result: Unsustainability leads to collapse.
  3. Germany, Italy and Japan expand through conquest to indulge as well their ever increasing appetite. Result: Unsustainability leads to collapse.
  4. The U.S. whose very origins revolve around the idea of individual and state sovereign rights succumbs to the increasing demand and appetite of an ever expanding centralized government super-structure. Result: Unsustainability leads to collapse.


Why should we, as a People, believe that the laws history clearly illustrates to be inviolable would not be equally applicable to this Nation?  They are, of course, equally applicable as well as the consequential outcome.

Now then here is where my scenario peaks to its final and consolidated perspective:  What if the idea of National Health Care is not at all what it appears to be?  What if the truth of national health care is more in line with the concept of consolidation of power?  What if the notion of health care has actually nothing to do with health care at all?  What if the notion of a National Health Care concept has (only) been formulated to accomplish the following:

  1. Eliminate the over-burden, by business, of the financial exposure to employee benefits by shifting the cost to a centralized organism?  You’ve heard the much herald profession that U.S. Businesses need to be more competitive in the global economy. Well then, eliminating 25-30% of their operating overhead would seem to assist in the process, would it not?
  2. If you are a global health care provider, such as in the case with most of the medical equipment and pharmaceutical industry, imposing the influence your political contributions assure would surely position your enterprise down-stream of the money flow would it not?  Just a thought!
  3. Both consolidating and mandating what becomes of choice (health care), is it inconceivable that this would conveniently feed the ambitions of a political organism?  After all (from above) “Government, left to its on devices becomes nothing more than the abject extension of centralized bias – more control loves ever more control and thus moves and articulates its actions to gain even more control.”


“The greater concern one should have with regards to a monopoly is not so much that it exists or that it is dominant in a market. No, the greater fear one should have relates to a much larger issue: What becomes of the ideal of ‘choice’?”

The beauty of these observations lies in their universal application to the process of understanding why our Nation finds itself in such a perilous state of affairs. In summary, it resides in a supremely simple component that is at the very heart of this Nations found principles and to be sure, it is, this simple component that is the very pulse, the very life-blood of this nation.

“For in the monopoly of conquest, the single component that is universally assailed is the choice no longer offered. The choice of Freedom!”

We must Stand4™ the absolute insistence that the message implicit in the following statement prevails, the future of this Nation will be defined by our success in seeing to it that it does!

“Man, must be Free for Independence to be at Liberty to be Expressed!”

Believe it!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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