WiNiP v10.10a – What is Spoken, What is Heard

What I Noticed in Passing….

“The obvious is most often only conspicuous by intention.  We observe what is shown yet what needs to be known is often obscured and deliberately so.”


There is a great tension in the air, a great uneasiness of opaque expectancies lurking about and I dare say, as I’ve written at great length in the Blind Vision Series, the well crafted and tenaciously managed structure of the Political Über-Structure at last appears to be exposing its naked indifference.

“We should all hope that the day is fast upon us when we truly grasp what has become of representative government; the practices of political vice and apportionment by an entitled minority.”


This Nation has no functional national government and many of the States are no different; an undeniable fact the evidence of which can be seen about the scared landscape of this nation and its people!  Not possible?  I’ll give you a very simple question which might aid in your arriving at the very same conclusion:  Name one piece of legislation or judicial resolution that has enhanced ones unalienable right to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness? 

The various failures we see around us are quite predicable as the very same laws that govern an individuals environs are also the very same that govern the extensions of their will.  The breach occurs from the simplest of distinctions: What is Spoken and What is Heard!  Or, what we know to be true and what we do, despite what we know to be true!  Yes, dare I say the unavoidability of the old law of cause and effect appears once again.

This past week I watched the movie “The Queen” and if you’ve not seen it, I’ll toss a hearty endorsement for your doing so.  Helen Mirren’s portrayal of Queen Elizabeth’s response to the death of Princess Dianna, is simply mesmerizing.  Michael Sheens as well captures the intuitive impulse of Tony Blair providing an intimate view of the complex and often tenuous relationship between the British Royals and their British Subjects. 

From the moment (in the movie) the Queen became aware of the tragic passing of Diana I was compelled by a persistent urge to bark at the screen hoping that someone would take charge and LEAD!  My, the lethargy of tedious pomposity was torturous. For goodness sake will you just get “the order of things” out of the way and do what is right!  After all, that is what a true Leader does – a silent urge compelled by a notion of a demand greater than ones fears; a need greater than your perceived capacity to deliver! 

But no, the Queen not only selected what or if anything at all would be spoken, she also chose in what way she would selectively interpret what was heard.  Ultimately it was her servant, one Tony Blair (Prime Minister) who was able to remind the Queen as to both her duty and also what the British People had come to expect that role to be.  For the British people, the great failure of the Crown was not merely the under-delivering of a vision equal to the People’s image of what constituted their Sovereign’s (the Queen’s) role, but even more so it was that the Sovereign Visionary (the Queen) was completely absent (out of touch)!

It is important to understand the significance of these observations for the simple reason that the British do not have a constitution nor do they possess a core document similar to the Declaration of Independence. The unalienable rights that Americans largely take for granted a British Subject (of the Constitutional Monarchy) does not possess.  It is, to be sure, the culture of the British to look to the British Monarch in much the same way as an American Patriot would look to the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution.

Observing the pulse and tenor of this nation indicates a striking similarity to that of the British; i.e., the discord experienced between the Monarchy and the British People with that of the American People and the U.S. Politicians/government.

Moreover, on this side of the pond, the American People have a far more complex issue at hand and it is one I trust we are willing to address: How to reconnect and reestablish The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution as the governing documents of this Nation – a very difficult task in deed!

To be sure, there are so many remarkable attributes and facets to the American form of government (as designed/intended) yet there is one component that shines most brilliantly amongst the many: The absolute deference to the sovereign and providential origins of man and by extension, his unalienable rights.  Most Americans may not be able to recite The Declaration of Independence or for that matter any part of the U.S. Constitution however most Americans willingly stand and pledge allegiance to a flag that bears witness to the image for which both stand.  We all, intuitively understand that…

“Man must be Free for Independence to be at Liberty to be Expressed!”


My hope and prayer for this Nation is that we remember that our heritage is imprinted and made evidence for all time in the words of The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. This Nation has no need for a Monarch, a Despot, a Tyrant or Politicians and these documents make that very clear! 

It becomes evident when one hears What is Spoken and is willing to abide by What is Heard

Do take the time and read The Declaration of Independence – promise me that you will. Ten minutes, fifteen at the most is all it takes! You’ll be impressed by what you’ve forgotten!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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