Will Scotland’s Split from the UK trigger a new wave of EU turmoil?

For nearly 307 years the United Kingdom has been the common identity of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The stealthy emergence of a Scott’s populist-driven has caught British Leadership by surprise. The Corporate-E.U. State is in a full court press attempting an over-turning of this wildly popular initiative that appears destined for an affirmative vote.

If Scotland succeeds in breaking-form the seismic effects will ripple thru the Halls of Westminster, Downing Street, Nations such as Spain, Poland, Italy, France as well as the E.U.’s HQ in Brussels. The EU model has proven itself a success in only one area; consolidating Europe’s economic capacity under the control of a central banking system.

Europeans, by national affiliation, are becoming rabid over centralized EU control of once sovereign state (domestic) policies; key among them, ironically, being monetary/economic policy, military interventionism and immigration.

For Americans the entire affair should serve to illustrate the power of an informed vote particularly if the momentum favoring Scottish independence succeeds. Pay close attention to this issue.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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