Russia Vs. NATO | One Choice Remains

For open conflict to be avoided Russia (Putin) will have to back-down form its plans to return Ukraine, specifically Eastern Ukraine, to the control of Mother Russia; given Russia’s vested interests I see no chance of this happening.

The West has only one choice; stage a delay tactic until such time as Assad/Syria can be dealt with (so that the pipeline connection, now sitting idle in the vicinity of Turkey can be made with ease) which will allow for the Russian-supplied Energy to Western Europe to be replaced; there is no “or” in their action-plans.

Putin, quite smartly, is pushing a response while NATO backers would rather delay. ISIS has become a convenient tool for expediting a move on Syria has it not? All to say that the stakes are increasing for both sides and it’s absolutely assured that someone is going to initiate a move that will be staged to camouflage both its cause and its source. Count on it!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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