WiNiP – Caging A Viral China

What I’ve Noticed in Passing is that while the media-complex, with its attempts at reprograming the public with dystopian view of Trump, they’re about to discover that their efforts are soon to face an immovable force; with each Biden Policy-Rollout the soon to be former President’s legacy will be further distinguished not merely because of its remarkable successes but, and I truly regret to state because no true American ever prays for Leadership disasters, because of the inevitable failures that Biden’s staffing selections foretell.

Trump, upon his exit will have further distinguished himself as being a very rare President indeed, he will be turning over this remarkable office having recorded a never before level of accomplishments amount the many include a nation free of active combat commitments, free of terrorist residue, a remarkable near first-ever in-place policy mechanism for not only lasting peace in the Middle-East and, even more amazing, a structure for eliminating WMD from the area an achievement no former President can even remotely approach and it doesn’t end there but continues on to nearly every facet of the U.S.’s sizable footprint Internationally, and most importantly and long ignored by most Presidents since JFK, the domestic arena as well.

The bad news is that with all of the opportunities for success that Trump has laid forth they also represent a serious problem for Beijing-Joe, failure in any one of them will be impossible for him, even with the media predictably running cover for him and all the while blaming the former Administration, to avoid owning these failures.

Take for example the accompanying Executive Order which the President executed on January 13, 2021 (an amendment to Order # 139959 executed on November 12, 2022.) A brief explanation: These orders relates to the discovery that in order to fund the expansion of their Military (including their space program) the Chicoms have been issuing securities and selling them in U.S. markets via dummy Corporations. Yes, U.S. Institutions and Investors, through these nefarious security schemes, have knowingly or unknowingly been funding the Chicom’s expanding battery of various systems each aimed at destroying the U.S. These two Executive Orders have identified these practices and have instituted policies and practices to end the Chicom’s ability to do use the resources of U.S. Markets and Investors as a funding source.

Now then what influences would accurately explain Biden’s motives should he reverse or diminish the reach and intent of the Executive Order? Moreover and far more serious is a matter expressed by way of the following: What is going on within the U.S. Intelligence Community and Congressional Intelligence Committee to not have identified these issues?

Reviewing the dance-cards of every one of B-Joe’s pool of talent and it is clear they are Obama/Bush/Clinton retreads and there’s no doubt, if left to their own devices, as to their collective Policy ambitions. I truly do hope that Biden can somehow muster the clarity required and bypass his penchant for self-indulgence and for once do what’s best for the Nation for as volatile as the climate may appear domestically it is near infinitely more so outside of it and the fact is that this time, when he lets loose with one of his predictable mass-casualty blunders he’s well known for, his coattails will be inadequate to provide him the cover he’s accustomed to.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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