California: Sanctuary State Bill (SB54) Moves Forward

In a State where Legislative or Proposition initiatives rarely reconcile with any standard of reason or practicability, this Bill openly begs for a contest with the Feds.

By declaring itself a Sanctuary State, California is openly provoking a response from the Federal Government and Californians, were they to bother reading the text of the legislation, they would be appalled to find that many of the Bills asserted prohibitions are in direct conflict with both Federal and existing State laws.

Provisions of the current bill would, if it makes it thru the State Assembly, protect felons including those people convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and human trafficking. It’s apparent that Gov. Brown, Lt. Gov. Newsom, Attorney General Becerra and the colorful Senate Leader, Kevin de Leon, are far more interested in being the voice of lunacy rather than working toward a cooperative resolution.

Selective lawlessness conforms nicely with the charm of west-coast-fashionability and yet the fact remains that this grand fantasy ignores the fact that the consequences of current Immigration Policy, both at the Federal and State levels, are as irrational, indiscriminate and random as they are costly.

Ask the family of Kate Steinle if you require a more specific level of understanding!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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