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Steinle Decision: An Unrecoverable Loss!

Any person with an attachment to the common bond that inextricable links each Person to another will feel the pain of loss and even more so, in the case of Kate Steinle, when we consider her Father who will hear, forever, her last words.

The pain of knowing that as a Man, as a Father, his purpose being to protect and care for his child, discovers he is utterly helpless in the face of what would be his Daughters last request: “help me, Dad.”

Yes, let it sink in!

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California: Sanctuary State Bill (SB54) Moves Forward

In a State where Legislative or Proposition initiatives rarely reconcile with any standard of reason or practicability, this Bill openly begs for a contest with the Feds.

By declaring itself a Sanctuary State, California is openly provoking a response from the Federal Government and Californians, were they to bother reading the text of the legislation, they would be appalled to find that many of the Bills asserted prohibitions are in direct conflict with both Federal and existing State laws.

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