Syria: An Emotional Response?

The carnage of war is clear evidence of the kind that painfully illustrates our most troubling weakness; open warfare on another Human. For a person of conscience viewing photo and video evidence of war casualties, some broken and blood-soaked gasping for life, some pinned wholly or partially under tons of rubble lifeless or spasming thru the last moments or the erratic or seemingly random portrait of body parts scattered about. This evenings attack, by the U.S., on the Syrian Air Base at Shayrat may be an emotional response to the bombings in Khan Sheikhoun (Idlib Province) and whoever is responsible should be held to account however, I believe there is a larger picture to consider:

1. How did we get here? What are the reasons, the driving force, behind our involvement? War is easy particularly in the age of remote death and yet all the more reason to be suspicious of anyone who finds it easy to encourage its deployment.

2. Never forget that Syria, the land mass of, is key toward extending Oil & Gas Pipelines to the terminal in Turkey, the very same which feeds the whole of Europe.

3. Russia wants a permanent Military/Naval base of operations in the Mediterranean and is desperate to hold on to its Base in Tartus, Syria.

4. Iran: Dedicated to expanding is “crescent” of influence encompassing the whole of the Middle-East also is active in Syria thru its established conduit, Iraq.

5. ISIS: A manufactured front heavily supported by several Arab Regimes, ISIS is by any other name no different than Al Nusra or the plenary of other so called “fonts” that roam the Middle-East as operatives for Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the E.U. etc. and of course, the U.S.

(6.) Serin Gas: One of several chemical munitions long banned from use and often the source used to justify the Iraq war, Syria’s stockpile of the chemical munitions, by joint agreement between the U.S., Russia and Syria, was to have been removed. Here’s the query: There’s no reliable source, or has there ever been, which factually accounted for these stockpiles so how is it possible to know they were completely removed? Isn’t it possible that canisters of serin gas were prepositioned in/at Khan Shekhoun prior to the aerial raid?

(7.) Given the logical finger-pointing that would follow, is it reasonable to assume that Russia would have shared an airbase (Shayrat) with the Syrians and been unaware of the serin gas that is alleged to have been stored there? They, Russians, are either incompetent, complicit or the gas came from somewhere or someone else. In other words, someone we know not who, is doing something we know not why for an unknown reason no one seems to know of.

I’m not suggesting that Trump or his Administration is complicit in or aware of any of the perspectives offered herein I am however, suggesting that there are influences that have capabilities outside of a President’s operational sphere, What may appear as a justifiable and/or necessary action, and legitimacy so from the perspective of the President, there are collateral and actionable event no-less integral to achieving an alternative agenda which often shadow a President’s actions.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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