Crazy Uncle Joe & Cousin Bernie!

Crazy Uncle Joe & Cousin Bernie! Following yet another verbal assault, by Joe Biden, on a civilian it occurs to me that Bernie might actually be forced to do something he never, in a million years, though he’d have to do; make a legitimate and deliberate run for the Presidency. The DNC and their faithful are likely experiencing night sweats over the thought of Joe Biden being unleashed to the public which, until recently, they’ve been able to manage an insulating factor by using the army of candidates whose own exploits have drawn airtime away from Joe.

Juxtaposing John Bolton’s “hand grenade” reference to that of Candidate Joe’s intemperate association with the truth and imbalanced repartee I’m fairly sure that the DNC and his campaign staff are furiously working on a type of containment-vessel, perhaps even a Joe Biden stand-in, something on the lines of tech-gen-A.I. Max Headroom which does offer an element of convenience if you consider the results of Joe Biden’s most recent cosmetic surgery; they truly do share an uncanny resemblance. By the way, whatever happened to the ever-populating “inappropriate touching” claims that once haunted the former VP? Seems that some one’s discovered a disconnect between the goose and the gander.

Candidate Biden’s post-primary bump in popularity will run for a time, aided by Bernie Sander’s money-making candidacy, but the fact remains that Joe Biden has a serious problem and not at all that dissimilar to that of Mike Bloomberg whose own demonstrated effort proves that even humpty-dumpty’s billions were unable to reconstruct the public repulsion to an empty public/political/personal profile which further enhances the fact of how truly inadequate and incompatible their abilities pair with the demand of the nation’s highest office. Joe (and Bernie), as of this writing, still have eight months to go and at some point, virus or not, they’ll have to face the Public and attempt to reconstruct their sour image(s).

Admittedly the Media is going to do everything they can to tease Trump into populating a ready script for campaign fodder and they telegraph their intentions with inquisition-like heartiness at every news conference; so far Trump and his team seem well prepared with a level of strategic firewalling the press has yet to figure out how to deal with. Predictable behavior is never an effective form of misdirection and this is what makes the Elite’s level of mediocrity so terribly disappointing I suppose what I’m suggesting is this: They are so pathologically smug they no longer (even) try to conceal the depths of their depravity and the level of contempt they have for the Public self-destructive willingness to be their ever-faithful. At some point, if Trump continues to apply his disciplined approach to dealing with not just the Wuhan Virus but to unlocking, comprehensively, any impediments to a comprehensive decontamination of government bureaucracies he may yet be able to draw public support from beyond his base and force Congress to act on critically key economic issues aimed at restoring U.S. Economic Independence. If Trump can accomplish this then, simultaneously, he suffocates the socialist-Bernie and the hard left-wing hypocrites that have highjacked the DNC along with the seen and unseen components of toxic government.

Last point: Sometime before the DNC’s July shindig in Milwaukee a VP nominee will be pitched over the transom with the hope that public opinion will speak an affirming opinion; expect an Identity-Relevant choice. Personally I don’t think that any of the DNC’s pendants presently holding office, in either the Senate or the Lower House, will be willing to give up their posts for a run with Joe Biden hover I do expect that with the help of E. Warren and B. Sanders endorsements Biden will be free to realign his pitch in an effort to lure the never-Trump portion of the middle third to his ballot count. There was a time, a rather murky one at that, when I considered as a strong possibility that a dark horse would appear to take advantage of a contested election, but my outlook has changed. I’m increasingly convinced that the DNC has concluded that emergence of the hard-left component of the DNC has made beating Trump an impossibility on Biden-merits along and that tossing money and Biden would be a pyrrhic exercise so they are becoming more and more willing to let November 2020 play out as it will simply because they now accept that Joe Biden is a terminally defective one-term candidate and it’s a rare bird who will tie their political future to a known looser. On the other hand, the DNC is not opposed to powerful influences pulling the economic rug from under Trump as either a tool of coercion or as reminder of who’s behind the twirl of the planet. Stay tuned, this is going to be a wild ride!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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