An Econ-Policy Response to Wu-V

As the government works on its initial response to the Public’s economic exposure to Wu-V, forms of guaranteed income whether in the form of subsidized Fed/State unemployment insurance, forms of direct subsidies or even suspension of tax payments/withholding – none of which are novel as the Government has used (previously) these programs many times before, FDR made it regular depression-era routine – what concerns me most is the manner in which the government attends to the needs of Corporate Interests. I’m reminded of the trillions of dollars that went to bailout banks, various mortgage traunches, Corporate and Union Rescues and yet zero-to-none went to those most important to the economic engine of the nation; Middle Americans.

Previous pandemics (I’m speaking mostly of the contemporary era however there are multiple examples of how native populations were decimated by euro-sourced maladies) often paired their curve with global events often migrating as part of military conflict drawing down their standing armies who then end up being the very mechanism thru which an unprotected public was then compromised. Oddly enough there is also a case to made for correlative patterns relative to health crises and economic slumps which, on a socio-economic paradigm, could be explained with a simple explanation: Loss of income influences nutritional qualities which then leads to the human body’s diminished capacity for fighting-off disease which is then further aggravated by the inability to receive proper medical care.

Wu-V is something quite different; the origins are known to be from a non-military conflict zone and during a time were economic activity was sufficiently vibrant; so much for historical patterns applications to a contemporary cause. Not only is the Nation dealing with a never-before event it is also going to have to come to grips with its own Policy Flaws that have allowed the source to become a global risk and that has allowed the very attributes that define the American Culture including its political and economic structure to become far more vulnerable than no single politician will ever openly confess. The Public, too, has participated in the expansion of this most unhealthy illusion by losing its anchor with reality and to principles integral to the health (spiritual and physical) of the Human Being.

The U.S. Government and Economic Systems are going to have to deal with both its adaptation to and adoption of the Global Myth more importantly, perhaps, the American Public must insist that it all does. The risk and costs attributed to the fashionability associated with progressivisms mutations have always been unsurvivable, you’re now getting to experience, first hand, the truth that lies behind the various from(s) this ideology masks.

While it is truly necessary for the Government to take an active role in managing a national response it must also apply an equal measure of reason to the processes that develop what, exactly, its response will be. As we’ve written before, we need to deal with protecting the economic engine of the nation (Middle America) and not use the crisis as a tool for furthering/expanding government dependencies and/or feathering the nests of protected interests and then force the Public to sit back and watch them award themselves with guaranteed seven-plus figure compensation packages. For a change why not focus instead on a program that distributes aid where it is most needed so that when the Wu-V event is contained the Public can resume its activities vs. having to work from a point of deprivation and then, if Corporate America requires bail-out aid then by all means provide it to the fullest extent with one simple requirement: Collateralized each entity to the extent no less equal to the aid provided so that the Public is properly compensated for the assistance provided. I’m all for a hand-up but never hand-outs which should only (ever) be provided for those who are not capable of attending to their own needs.

Crisis management requires (1) First, simultaneously acknowledging that a crisis/threat exists and then fully identifying the nature and extent of the crisis and maintain a vigilant process of constant update/inquiry. (2) Breaking down the cause and source of the event. (3) Then developing a plan that strategically and surgically attacks the event with solutions-based responsiveness all the will maintaining a vigilant review/update program. Targets move, mask and morph so it is always necessary to stay in touch with change and the tactical integration the fluidity of an event requires.

Most importantly remember this: you are of a divine origin and in possession of all that is necessary to overcome any obstacle, in any form, that you confront. If you are willing to accept this a fact and as a fundamental truth then multiply this capacity by the number of humans (potential) available and then ponder for a moment, if you will, what type of inertial force you now have at your disposal! If you do then you will also discover, quite quickly, just how truly fortuitous crises like the one we now face can become.

It is only when faced with the seemingly unsurvivable are you then able to realize how incredibly remarkable, how truly powerful the human spirit truly is. I don’t have the ease and simplicity of faith, no, no, no! But I do have certainty about it and by extension of the same, I have certainty about Us and the component of You that integral to it! Time to recalibrate our focus and make an entirely new and monumentally different leap into a new era, one were we restore our attachment to once another and reclaim our understanding of our inseverable link to the Creator and then to the role assigned to each of us at the moment we accepted the invitation to participate in the ongoing miracle that is Creation. I am not only at my best because of you, I am also not capable of being any better if I’m to attempt to go forward without you. This is the role we play, this is the function we serve and the why the singular and sovereign You is so vital and integral to the outcome of it all, that our collective destiny occurs as it should and I must say, I rather like our odds!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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