Wuhan; the Political Virus.

Few, I suspect, doubt that every effect has a cause and despite the fact that no one seems to understand that while the Coronavirus (CV) is directly attributed to Chicom malfeasance far fewer attribute its now pandemic status to something far more damaging, Viral Politics. Viral Politics, in this case, is the uncontrolled spiraling of Politically Induced Opportunism and its evidentiary patterns, though appearing in different color, the fact remains is that they all originate from the same palette.

Leadership requires, first in foremost, that policy originate from the fundamentals of truth and from there to the practice of authentic delivery, i.e., “I’m here to tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear” and yet we have and will continue to be advised from a threshold based on survivability, economic and political. Far too many politicians have economic connections to China so don’t expect to hear of any policy intending to names and shame the Chicoms or interferes or otherwise suspends the flow of predatory opportunism licensed by the U.S. Senate.

At a time when the Public can now see, feel, taste and touch the real consequences of Globalism instead of pulling the U.S. back from economic dependency the Government will opt instead for various forms of Political Graft purely for optical purposes ignoring the fact that continuing efforts to broaden the subversion of economic capacity only deepens and broadens the hole that becomes increasingly difficult to climb out of. Think of it, China has known since December 2019 – there are indications that it was earlier – that they were facing a serious crisis with pandemic level threat and their first move was to protect the Chinese Communist Party and yet, even to this day, the U.S. refuses to block all travel originating from within China!

Yes indeed China openly threatens to withhold critical pharmaceuticals but then there are the protections provided by U.S. policy favoring Chinese production which has created bottlenecks/dependencies in the production and distribution of (numerous) critical products among them including protective masks; then you have China enforcing constraints which block U.S. expertise/efforts in targeting the virus. Yes, of course, China should be sanctioned for their loathsome behavior but so should the Political Operatives who’ve sanctioned the economic disembowelment of this country including the anti-Trump misfits who fuel panic by way of lobbing blow-hard bombs at the Administration.

There is an upside to all of this; the U.S. is in an ideal situation to repatriate economic activity back to a domestic footprint unfortunately Partisan Politicos are far more interested in baiting the public’s concerns/fears with promises of growth in government by way of suspending payroll tax withholding, raising minimum wage or offering targeted subsidies to the travel industry. The absurdity of all of this conceals one fundamental truth which is this: We need to grow the domestic economic infrastructure and not the size of Government!

My suggestion is this: In lieu of temporary fixes, nuance-like nonsensical acts of political avarice and with the clear understanding that while no one should dismiss the horrors that those who suffer from the effects of this virus will face we must become committed to taking advantage of the opportunity to restore U.S. bottom-to-top economic integration and safeguard the Public from the variety of turbulent cycles-of-deprivation viral globalism assures. Consider the following schedule (partial) as relevant to the previously stated ambition:


  1. Mandate a Schedule of Protected Industries that once identified would require not only domestic production throughout the entire supply chain but would also require domestic ownership.
  2. Mandate a “Market Access Fee” charged by the Federal Government, as a percentage of gross revenues, for all non-domestic enterprises and/or their subsidiaries. (Think of it as a “Franchise Fee”.)
  3. Mandate a Business Tax Rate based on component of domestic production; the greater the percentage of domestic production (throughout the entire supply chain) the lower the tax.
  4. Mandate that revenues from “Market Access Fee” be directed exclusively toward domestic infrastructure re-development.
  5. Focus Government policies toward development of hydrogen-fuel infrastructure.
  6. Focus Government policies toward development of integrated national/regional passenger rail system by incentivizing existing rail industry to restore passenger rail services using existing right-of-way.
  7. Focus Government policies away from favored political support structures (MIC, Unions, Association, Guilds, Government Dependent Enterprises, etc – think of it this way: Any industry/entity that cannot survive without government subsidy is clearly unsustainable so why feed it?) and to the redevelopment of a dispersed, market-disciplined business climate; any effort that does not insist on driving economic development to (middle-America) the largest component of the U.S. Economic Infrastructure is, uncategorically, a waste of time, treasure and effort.

By no means an exhaustive list of option it does, however, reflect well on my point; there is no shortage of viable options. You truly do know the health of a culture when you consider how it focuses its resources toward insuring a promising future!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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