Did ISIS Assume Paddock I.D.?

Even with all of the media coverage there is still very little intimate knowledge of Paddock. Psychopathic behavior is rarely, if ever so risk-adverse, as to not leave trace elements in one form or another. Something is awry in the current portfolio of thought as integral to this type of Individuals structural imbalance that is a virtual assurance they possess a deep-seated desire for recognition and yet, allegedly, even those closest to him never suspected or were alerted to the occurrence of suspicious activities. Further, given the indomitable capabilities of the FBI, particularly in profiling, it should call one to conclude that perhaps all is not what it seems.

Consider: What if the characterizations of Paddock are irrelevant? What if Paddock was used as a cover? Is it possible, given his apparent weaknesses, that he was susceptible to manipulations and unknowingly became a part of a tactical plot (by ISIS) which targeted him and his Identity as a tool to eliminate suspicion and once the stage was set unceremoniously disposed of? How do we know that the body found in the hotel suite was actually Paddock’s? If it was Paddock then how do we know he wasn’t already dead/killed at any time during the initial occupancy of the suite up to the point the authorities breached the entry door? Despite all of the pronouncements being made describing cameras and monitoring equipment in the room, as well as comments suggesting that Paddock had been “casing” other targets of opportunity, how do we know it was, in actuality, Paddock? To date there has been no formal confirmation that the body found in the suite was Paddock.

Of equal interest will be the toxicology report and what if any “synthetics” (mood or mind-altering) drugs are present. Whatever the answers may be to these questions I’ve raised there is one point of certainty that can no longer be ignored; there was more than one person involved in the execution of this horrific event. If my suspicions are correct then it will be a further certainty that the fight has now moved to an entirely different level and while the Political Elites will again try to convert this tragedy into political gain there is a fundamental truth that remains; even if the 2nd Amendment were reversed or non-existent, no law will prevent a determined Individual with sufficient resources and a motive, from animating their malicious intentions.

The cause that lies behind this event and many others this Country faces is the type that Politicians don’t dare address directly without the risk of exposing their own culpability. The same applies to an increasing number of Americans; this Country has moved far, far away from the core Ideals upon which the Nation was built; faith, character, duty, honor and the sacredness and sovereign virtues enshrined within and about the Individual.

The consequence of this ever-evolving and expanding top-down malignancy is that there has been a massive growth in the general public’s sense of hopelessness and a growing acceptance that there is, no longer, any remaining Ideal upon which prohibitions are both articulated and made absolute. From the Political Apparatus to those of Faith-based Groups right on down to your next-door neighbor, it’s fully understood that there are no sacred boundaries remaining.

I frequently hear various commentary regarding the increasing occurrence of these mass-slaughters with most tip-toeing haplessly around the core issue in search of a fashionably correct answer. Well, now you know the answer. Fortunately, as observed by the bravery of the various first responders and by those attending the event, there are trace elements of our Core Ideals remaining.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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