NFL and the Expanding Spectacle of Fashionability!

I believe we can all agree that Sport is a good thing for everyone; helps keep the body fit and the mind sharp. Professional sport, on the other hand, is an exhibition, a spectacle if you will and I sincerely doubt folks attend these events with the expectation of being bludgeoned by the improprieties of Athletes. It is more likely that professional sports fills the publics need or desire to escape, if only for a time, prevailing social or personal tensions.

The NFL (and by no means to the exclusion of other sporting hubs) is proving itself to be a medium thru which the breakdown of both individual and organizational social conscientiousness is mirrored. A multi-billion dollar per year, Public-Subsidies (by $100’s of millions), Tax-Exempt, Anti-Trust Free Aristocracy that is now going to impose its own economic interests and that of its impulse-driven employees’ sense of social fashionability upon the very group that provides them their wealth, the Paying General Public.

By the way, it’s not just the NFL that does this, it’s nearly impossible to find an area of every-day American life were this imposition is not akin to what would otherwise be thought of as an invasive-species however, what the NFL captures is the ultimate sickness that illustrates why this Nation is in deep, very deep trouble.

The evolution of an order-of-rule that no longer admires, cherishes, preserves and is willing to protect its most sacred of tenants. The very mortar that binds the structure that for 240-plus years has defined itself as being distinct from all others; a structure that illuminated the very foundational ability for understanding the core feature of what has made this Country distinct such that you can then understand why it must remain so. The understanding that there is a subtle, but no less irreplaceable component affixed to the concept of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are unalienable to you and must never be impaired otherwise they are meaningless and thus void of any corporal and spiritual significance.

Long forgotten and perhaps now seemingly extinct is the fact that there is an implicit burden for each of us that accompanies the notion of Free-Will. A burden that requires a fundamental understanding that true Freedom can only occur when and where Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness or the infinitely possible iterations/exhibitions of Free-Will are not or were ever to be thought of as being untethered to any restrictions, prohibitions or obligation. They absolutely are, and you know this to be true despite the fashionability of impulse occurring at any moment.

These privileges are simply the door, the gate, the opening thru which you may introduce your actions and that’s all. It has never meant that you are actually Free or at Liberty to do or should expect Happiness as a result or that they are justified, rational or thoughtful simply because the opportunity bends to one’s Will.

The only way to avoid adverse consequence is to act in accordance with what is balanced where the fulcrum represents the eternal Ideal. We must always press toward the side of scale from where the voice of higher-purpose, goodness and the richness of grace is found. Actions producing imbalance, division, contemptuous behaviors etc. may be the outcome of your choice, but are not exempt from adverse consequence simply on the grounds that you are free-to-do; you may be free to do but you may not be at liberty to do so.

The great tragedy of the NFL’s actions (this applies to the Players as well) is that it affirms that we have moved, as a Country/Culture, to the point where recognition is given to those who openly exhibit their inability, unwillingness or the necessity of cherishing the very fundamental components that distinguish what is or becomes worthy of being cherished. Perhaps even more astonishing, having regard for or even having the capacity to identify the causal force that lies at the core of why an Ideal is distinct in the first place.

If you don’t grasp the significance of this concept then it is reasonable to expect that some will celebrate those who elect not to stand for the National Anthem of the United States. Likewise, one will not grasp the great horror of those who find it incomprehensible that a U.S. Citizen, particularly an American Member of the NFL on Foreign Soil not far from where thousands of Americans who fought for both American and Europe’s freedom lay interred. Preferring instead, the spectacle of a fashionable exhibition and further resolve to the First Amendment ruse and the associate regalia promoting the Individual/Group right to make an exhibition of it.

The NFL has merely reminded the offended American of the whorish curriculum that has now become the norm. Eventually the Tolerant become Intolerant of Tolerance and will ultimately rebel against the ignorance it seeds. The challenge is that the course of rebellion keeps a calendar and clock a closely guarded secret.

The foundation of the “Players” argument is as adolescent as the Owner/League support of it is superficial and calculated. For the Players it merely mocks the seriousness of the “Race” issue (which is not at issue in my message) and is nothing more than the harmonic component of an arrangement intended to drive a spectacle of distraction.

For the Owners, likely as an alluring end-over (a cunning elixir of unity) to the Players and their Union, in reality it has been a strategic slur the General Public – who’s leaning contempt already questions whether it’s Sport or more Spectacle – will not forget. That’s all!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder


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