Health Insurance Subsidies; will Trump-Cut Help?

Your first thoughts for understanding this issue is to know that since Obamacare Subsidies began, Insurance Companies have posted Record Profits?  How does one then make a connection that an already failing insurance market, one that didn’t exist before Obamacare was enacted, one that now insures (overall) less people than it did before Obamacare was enacted and one that has caused an average of 160 percent rise in premiums (some areas as high as 239 percent), one that relies more on Medicare/Medicaid coverage than any single other market-source, is somehow and suddenly capable of success if only the President were to leave the floodgate of Insurance Company Subsidies in place?

Here are the facts:

(1) Were it not for government enforced protocols, the private insurance industry would still be viable.

(2) Were the private insurance industry still operating in a free-market matrix it would have been far less expensive for the government to offer Co-Operative Premium Subsidies directly to qualified individuals, including Medicare/Medicaid participants and do away with all government (yes, Federal & State) sponsored healthcare programs including the VA; by my estimates by nearly 52 percent.

(3) There is no funding source mandate that requires payments received relating to Obamacare programs, whether in the form of taxes, penalties, use fees and the myriad of other Obamacare related collectable fees, be actually spent directly on the funding demands of Obamacare.

All that the scheme has accomplished, like Social Security and Medicare before it, is to create an additional revenue stream to the Federal Government which it uses, as it designs, for any program it chooses and destroy the native incentives that accompany a free-market solution. So long as the government continues to play the game of Political-Elitism thru the Panacea of Public & Debt-Funded Barratry, we move further down the road to both Economic and Social Collapse.

Despite the idiotic ramblings of Sen. Schumer, Sen. McCain and their ilk, the President’s Executive action was appropriate and solution oriented on its own; given the unwillingness of Congress to address the now fully encapsulated malignancy of their own creation elevates the relevance of his actions. Quite often, the solution to a known problem can only find daylight if you allow those trapped in darkness to remain busied with their quackery and by simply going around them.

Remember, Obamacare was never designed to succeed; it was designed to force a transition to a national healthcare system via the expansion of Medicare.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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