Kerry Violates Logan Act

While Michael Flynn, on behalf of the then incoming Trump Administration, engaged in lawful conduct Comey’s FBI, the actionable tip of the Deep State’s Spear, entrapped Flynn under the cover of a rarely invoked Law, the Logan Act. Intended, and deliberately so, to put an end to back channel meddling by unauthorized Interest seeking to advance an agenda adverse to formal Government/Administration Policy DS Operatives politically weaponized this Act in a woefully divisive abuse of power common to fascist-militant machines.

It was well known at the time (2019) that John Kerry and one Robert Malley, both Clinton-Obama hacks, were actively engaged in back-channel repartee with Iran’s foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, a very articulate, intelligent and skillful chess player well beyond and above the undeveloped intellects and navigational capacities of these gelatinous mutants working on behalf of the Obama-Biden-Clinton couturier.

While it is absolutely clear that the Kerry/Malley effort impaired Trumps Iran Strategy what remains outside of what otherwise would warrant investigative oversight of the FBI, Congress and its many Committees are critical issue such as these:

  • To what extent has Kerry/Malley’s efforts made it possible for Zarif’s (Iran’s) influences to penetrate various Think-Tanks, PAC’s, FBI, CIA and Congressional Committees that have and will continue to push a more Iran-Accommodating narrative.
  • To what extent did Obama/Clinton/Kerry’s Billion Dollar Cash Disbursement (to Iran) act as both a hush-money and political accommodation-at-a-future-date payment in direct violation of any number of U.S. Laws?
  • To what extent is/has the FBI/CIA/AG been complicit or, at the very minimum, running cover for these breaches in U.S. Security Protocols and other forms of Actionable Intelligence that deserve closer scrutiny if not formal investigation?
  • Given the timing of Bill Clintons tarmac meeting with then AG Lynch, proximate to the back channel negotiation that would ultimately unleashed a $1.7 Billion cash payment to Iran, how much of what was ultimately paid to Iran made its way to the Clinton Global Initiative?
  • Given that we now know, from the ongoing investigations in Ukraine that have documented millions in cash payments to Biden interest and to Obama/Clinton operatives interests and thru several of their related Russia-Chinese Sponsored Entities, why is there a complete media lock-down on news feeds out of Europe relating to these scandalous issues?

At the very least there is more than compelling information that a violation of the Logan Act has occurred, there is documented evidence. The level of duplicity is clear and evidentiary that there is a deliberate, calculated and dedicated system in place whose single ambition is to maintain control over this Nation’s government apparatus and do so at any cost including your sacred right to control your own destiny.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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