Biden EO on Supply Chain Aims for the Wrong Target

To avoid the Public concluding that the power grab accompanying the COVID scheme was nothing more than a political power grab the Biden Regime, aided by “The Faucc”, the perfect caricature of Bureaucratic Incompetence, has no choice but to continue the hyping of the “spread-the-fear-reap-the-rewards” missive now moving into the permanent implementation phase.

Yes, I will agree that Beijing-Joe’s handlers played a good game when they built a wing of his election strategy on the plausibility that there was a better way to have managed this scamdemic after all it was an slick sell to a public that can easily be dupped into believing that they can save themselves by ducking beneath a falling sky. Really, what is there to say about a narrative that sells a broad section of the Population a false-positive particularly one that has no way of surviving its own testing routines.

The point is that the only conclusive result of the scamdemic is the permanent damage it has done to the economic structure of Americana which is everything but the global capital flow and machinery of corporatized globalism. The irony of Biden’s Supply Chain EO is that all he’s done is proven the dominant success of Trumps economic policy and shown, in the manner the EO has been scripted, that his Regime has nothing to offer other than to pay homage to a global economic order that has absolutely no interest in rebuilding domestic output, productive capacity or generational durability. Why can I say this? There intentions are in their actions and when you understand that nothing contained within the EO or in any component of the beached-whale of a Relief-Package blubbering its way thru the House offers any facility promoting or teasing substantive economic policy what further proof is required.

Quick Sidebar on the 1.9 Trillion Dollar Relief Package: I have read it, in its entirety, and less than $297 Billion is actually dedicated specifically to COVID Relief which, by the way, is less than half of what has yet to be spent from the previous package all of which begs the question: What is the excess 1.6 Trillion Dollars paying for? Political Payback to those who walked the red-light districts for Biden-Harris-Pelosi-Schumer, bailouts for larcenous States run by Democrats that could balance a square block even if you offered to stand on it for them, bailouts of underfunded pensions provided Employees of State Sponsored Unions and various other forms of funded obscenities. Key point: Not one project or funding tool aimed at expanding, developing, promoting domestic industry/economy is offered in this Act, not a one. Now let’s pickup where we left off.

A review of past lessons and writings should remind or alert each that all economic activity/growth is local and its durability, its economic and generational durability, is dependent on the depth and scope of its reach along the economic (domestic) food chain. How accurate am I? Absolute and all one needs to consider in order to have confidence in my conjecture is to faithfully answer the following question: How far, in one 24-hour period, can you walk from your pillow and return? Consider two very critical points integral to a viable economic cycle: (1) Every economic event you engage in or you are responsible for occurs within that radius. (2) All you have to exchange (i.e., your Wealth), for the demand you seek, is whatever stored value you possess or reoccurring capacity you possess which you can sell/trade/exchange. And finally (3) An Enterprises Capacity (their inventory or service being offered for sale) is not only NOT the same thing as Demand it is also merely a consumer of your Wealth. When you develop a faithful understanding of this matrix of components you will then be able to look at what has taken place in this country over the last thirty years with an astute and informed perspective. Most importantly, you will then be equipped to argue the defects in globalism and why it fails so miserably which is for the following reason: Globalism extract wealth out of the local economy while at the same time extinguishing the interactive capital-flow necessary for local economies to not just survive but to do perform the most necessary function of all, to progenerate.

Conclusion: The notion of “competitive advantage” is one of those classic economic terms created to synthesize into existence a condition of convenience simply to suit a narrative in desperate need of justification. Consider NAZI Germany: These misanthropic toads didn’t have a competitive advantage that allowed them to excel at creating synthetic fuel alternatives, no, not at all. The German culture of excellence drove them to develop an alternative fuel not because of a material or systemic advantage but out of necessity, there crude oil supplies were simply inadequate to support their blossoming war machine. So much for the synthetic arguments that attempt an endorsement of the “competitive advantage” theory’s systematic fallacies. The moment one concludes that there are no viable alternatives is the first indication that the only failure you must face is the one you choose. Globalism is not or should it ever be considered the maturing evolution of an economic cycle; it is, in point of fact, a pneumatic nailer to the coffin containing your economic future.

The U.S. economy only (ever) began to experience supply-chain issues on the occasion the U.S. Government decided to facilitate the economic divesture of its domestic supply chain; it was neither incidental nor coincidental, the effort was deliberate and calculated chiefly as a device to meter both financial and political control. To restore this Nation’s economic capacity will require a deliberate and calculated effort no less than double that used to destroy it.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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