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NFL and the Expanding Spectacle of Fashionability!

I believe we can all agree that Sport is a good thing for everyone; helps keep the body fit and the mind sharp. Professional sport, on the other hand, is an exhibition, a spectacle if you will and I sincerely doubt folks attend these events with the expectation of being bludgeoned by the improprieties of Athletes. It is more likely that professional sports fills the publics need or desire to escape, if only for a time, prevailing social or personal tensions.

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Facebook Trending IS the Trend

TIMF participates in FB as part of its messaging campaign; end of story. It has never been expected, by me or staff, that FB was, not unlike Google, anything more than what it is and likely more than what many might suspect.

It has long been the case, which few would suspect otherwise, that anyone with sufficient influence and money can “plant” a story, strategically place an operative, distort or assert a bias in any structure, enterprise, government bureaucracy and/or etc. So why then would anyone think it were any less likely that FB or any other electronic/online facility weren’t subject to bending or being bent in much the same way.

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Lawlessness in a Police State

LRADs (Long Range Acoustic Devices), MRAPs (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicles), Body Armor, M4-like Carbines and Tear-banned in combat- Gas; battlefield tested tech in the hands of your local police force. With no sympathies toward predatory opportunists intended clearly, as a component of public benefit (our body of laws), there is a place for the traditional police. However the policy of Federalizing local cops into Combat-ready squads has militarized the relationship into something akin to an occupying force.

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Elliot Rogers: The Impunity of a Synthetic Culture

It’s unclear to me whether the culprit is more a function of ignorance or arrogance; in a manner of speaking, it is likely both. Whether it is an age of tech or indulgence one thing is certain; we are in an era of mass-indoctrination thru media-driven vice and it is clear we’ve dared not to consider the significance of the effect, at least not yet.

The tragedy is not the method employed as the causal force resides purely in the choice or choices made. In the synthetic age of indulgence where we measure freedom in terms of impunity, the significance of otherwise native prohibitions increasingly loses their grip on our conscience and it shows in multiple facets of contemporary life.

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An Asymmetric Economic Recovery:

The Administration loves to talk “Income Disparity” but what they won’t tell you is that the greatest growth in the void is caused by the plunging household incomes of middle-America. Of course the government lunatics will suggest that the cure lies in increasing the minimum wage and thanks to Obamacare they may have actually stumbled upon a tragic fact. As ACA takes further affect and becomes applicable to employers with larger workforces it is a fact that the costs associated with implementing ACA will likely make the economics such that it’s more cost-effective for employers to increasingly favor part-time employment.

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