Power-Elite: China May Be Willing But They’re Not the Real Threat!

Since the days of Nixon’s opening of the door to China the jowls of predatory economic interests frothed-over with delight; they surveilled the terrain, the resources, the population and most importantly they observed the poverty of intellect common in totalitarian regimes and knew, from past practices, that fascist megalomaniacal types are the easiest to turn; they are willingly corruptible and history is flooded with examples of this simple truth.

Think of it, in as short a time as ten years the economy of the U.S. was being surgically dismantled to such at degree that even now this nation’s key necessities can no longer be sourced from within the U.S. Who do you thank for this? The moneyed-elite, people like the Romney Clan, Soros, the McCain’s, the Bush family and their fan club, Schumer, Durbin, Leahy, Clinton and so on; progressive Citizens of the Global Economic Trough don’t give a rip about you, your family or the promise this Country was built on.

It should come as no surprise that the Chinese have been masterfully effective in buying not only entire segments of U.S. Industry, Academia in key research institutions, to name a few, they also have an entire media enterprises strategically located within the U.S. system who single purpose is to redefine the American conscience away from the Ideal of Individual, National Political and Economic Sovereignty. A nation whose entire economic, technical, scientific, space and military advancements have been completely financed by American Consumers and their Government is fully engage in using this new found capacity to further expand their wish for global dominance the occurrence of which is being facilitated by your own Elected Officials, Government Agencies, Civil Servants, Industry, Banking System, Education System which uses a willing and compliant Media complex as its propaganda arm.

You doubt the influence of China? Do you? Here’s just a few examples of how effective the Chinese have been at using their American Agents/Industries to their advantage: (1) NBA: Are you unaware of how quickly the Chinese forced this American Institution to surrendered the sovereign ideal of freedom of speech? (2) Politico: Maintains an arm of its media complex whose express purpose is to push-back on contra-Chinese political narratives. And, (3) American Industry Goes China: If the Corona Virus continues to expand watch for Market Warnings that suggest the Corporate Earnings will not meet projections due to the virus’ effect on Chinese economy/production.

The promise of Lenin, who stated that “the capitalists will sell us the rope with which we will hang them”, is no longer just the rambling thoughts of yet another fascist loon but alive and well in the U.S. Congress, Senate and flush in the Democratic Presidential Candidates and on from there right on down to the pre-school level. Who’d have thought that a nation so blessed could be so completely turned-in against itself but then again man is and remains his own, greatest, threat. Bloomberg is, indeed, the perfect example of this poison and he’s spending wildly to purchase the Presidency; how bad is it? Think of it in terms of what the Democratic Party Member/Voter has as options from which they will choose: Comrade Sanders, Sonny-Joe Biden, and Barrack P. Buttigieg; examples of the very clothe from which your future will be cut!

No one has a greater authority over you than that which you willingly surrender!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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