Oh So Very Romney….

Hiding under the cover of faith is one of the most spineless of defenses particularly when the Faithful’s actions are antithetical to the very scriptures they claim to be their guiding light. Romney’s use of selective reverence is a common theme occurring throughout his business and political career and has always failed for him and here’s why: words are never sufficient to mask or insulate anyone from the consequences of their actions.

Man is imperfect and this is a fact proven and implicit by design so understand ours is not a judgment based on the presumption of perfection – as few will survive so lofty a standard- but no one should avoid being censured for the apocryphal and/or the deliberate deception regardless of how “profoundly religious” they claims to be. If you consider, deeply, his public statements he openly demonstrates a summary denunciation of his own claims of integrity and “godliness.” He openly, by voting down the 2nd Article of Impeachment, acknowledges that the Democrats failed to compose their argument and failed to provide proof beyond a reasonable doubt. The Senior Acolyte then turns around and provides an affirmative vote for Article 1 and by doing so openly confirms his true intent and desire to convict Trump all the while knowing that the Democrats had failed to prove their claims. Once again he demonstrates that he’s just another devotee of hypocrisy.

Mitt, it’s okay with me that you loath Trump, everyone knows it so why feign the synthetic-fabric of faith, why do “The Romney?” Doing the ducked and cover under the veil of faith and by doing so you’ve intimated that anyone who took a position that differed from yours are somehow not measuring to your standard of faith, that they are not worthy of orbiting about the same galaxy of divinity as you. I can think of few actions, Mr. Romney, more acutely “unfaithful” than yours. A few poignant references that I believe truly animate the breach that has taken place, the first is taken from the Old Testament (the 2nd Commandment) while the second comes from Mark 12:17 of the New Testament: (1) “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in Vain.” (2) “Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.”

The great irony of this whole affair, Mitt, is that by your actions you have done more harm, to the Democrats efforts to derail Trump – perhaps exceeded only by Speaker Pelosi’s actions during the State of the Union – by reminding Americans of the pervasive nature and existence of political avarice. Romney’s, as well as the Dems, behaviors have distorted reality and the facts; the unfortunate result being that far too many folks have taken the bait, Romney included.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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