Dems Have’n A Problem With Choice:

A few years back I published the Blind Vision series, three books although each covering a specific theme they were tied together by one common ideal; the companionship that exists between the notion of Freedom and the expressing mechanism of Liberty. I wrote that “Freedom must never be confused with or thought as an extension of Liberty; the preservation of Freedom and the expressing mechanism of Liberty is an active and persistent engagement particularly when you understand that there are forces who believe they are at Liberty to vacate you Freedoms.”

The object of Choice is integral to your being at Liberty to Express your Freedoms primarily and if only because there are some choices you may be free to express but you are not at liberty to do so. Why? Because the outcome of your doing so might very well come at the price of someone’s life or perhaps in more graphic terms we might express the point I intend to make in the following manner: I am free to own a gun however that does not entitle me (or include with it the liberty) to go around shooting people.

Now then let’s filter the point thru one final permutation, the filter being the narrative that we hold regarding the liberty we have in this Country to freely vote for the person of our choice; a simple test from which I hope to demonstrate a concern I believe we all must have which I will contour into the form of a question: Can we really say we have free and open elections when the choice made available are made by someone/thing/standard outside of or beyond our influence?

This filter is by no means a DNC/GOP issue it just happens, given that it is likely Trump will not have a GOP challenger, that this time around there should be little doubt that the Democratic Party Faithful will have a serious problem with the choices made available and who should be surprised? The current democratic field is, effectively, made of three categories: (1) The Group That Believes They Are Entitled (Biden/Bloomberg). (2) The Group that Self-Identifies itself as Disenfranchised. (Warren/Buttigieg) And (3) The Group I refer to as the Synthetic Chameleon (Buttigieg/Sanders/Warren). What do they all have in common? No Single Legislative Success or Demonstrated Command of Nation-Critical Issues. It doesn’t end there…

Sanders has no real desire to be president however he clearly understand that you can make an awful lot of money doing it (check out how much money his wife is making buying ad time for his campaign) and he can affect an influence of disruption that he knows he’d never be able to achieve otherwise. Buttigieg, on the other hand, is nothing more than a crepe paper wrapped nitwit whose only real interest lies in proving his life-style choice to be mainstream; unfortunately he is completely ignorant to the fact that while he’s demeaning the various groups he views as non-believers he’s also openly demonstrating that he possesses absolutely no conviction or substantive command on or about any issue of national or international significance; frankly he reminds me of Junior Senator by the name of Barrack Obama. Biden, well, he has no choice at this point as he has to run because as he sees it it’s good defensive cover for various issues that would destroy any other Candidate and truly believes he’ll be the last man standing.  As to Sen. Warren, let’s just accept that she just has too many versions of herself; she truly subscribes to the routine I refer to as Slither-Etiquette, the belief system that orientates itself around the following structural thought: You can tell them whatever you like so long as you never tell them exactly what it is. Bloomberg is, in reality, the very creature the Left believes Trump to be; he’s running to protect his Chinese business interest particularly those that are being threatened by Trump desire/strategy to restore U.S. Economic security.

If I were to look to the current Democratic slate for a candidate that I’d have confidence in their ability to Lead-Toward-the-Center I’d put my money on Amy Klobuchar however given the mess the DNC is in, I’d probably only issue an IOU. The Democratic Party has committed itself, time and time again, to the FDR routine of Big Government and every great expansion of that order has come from the Democratic Party Legislative Agenda, undeniably. And so, as the era of ever-expanding government continues to fold-over onto yet another layer of excess its reach becomes indistinguishable to the void of public conscience. The glutton no longer views the farmer and his field in quite the same way.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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