Rules Were Made to be Elusive

Over the weekend, Colorado awarded all 34 delegates to Ted Cruz. The fix had been in since August, when party officials, alarmed at Trump’s popularity, decided it would be best if Colorado Republicans were not allowed to vote on the party’s nominee. Yes, the argument in opposition to Cruz’s actions could be justifiably dismissed if we hold to the claim that “he’s simply playing by the rules.” However, clearly, the rules are biased, distinctly contrary to what Americans would believe should be a truly Democratic process and recent polls show this to be the case – 87% polls say the system is corrupt.

Is their avuncular bias justified? Can it be that the Political Elite are doing a public service? Concerned that “you may get it wrong”, that “the system needs to be protected”, that you simply can’t be trusted with a universal right to vote for a candidate of your choice or is it simply that they are choosing to preserve the system at the expense of your country? That the direction (to Global Confederation) they’ve chosen is not be challenged?

In state after state that Trump wins the sloths move in and thieve delegates for Cruz. Yet, since it is Trump and Sanders who have stirred the greatest passion and brought out the biggest crowds, if both are seen as having been cheated by insiders, then the American political system may suffer a setback similar to what occurred in the Adams vs. Hamilton battle of 1824; the so-called “corrupt bargain.” Andrew Jackson ran first in the popular vote and the Electoral College, but was short of victory. John Quincy Adams, who ran second, got Speaker Henry Clay to deliver the House of Representatives, and thus make Adams president and Clay became his Secretary of State. Jackson, in 1828, would ultimately gain his revenge by winning the presidency. On his deathbed Jackson confided that among the great regrets of his life was that he did not shoot Henry Clay.

Americans may say that they don’t want what Sanders Socialist moniker suggests or cringe at Trump’s brand of tarnish & salted-wound messaging but let’s be honest; they really do want the outcome they promise. Death to transnational economic governance and back to an American’s First Policy built firmly on the strength from within strategy. Ted Cruz, though technically not your typical insider, is increasingly showing himself to be a most manipulative master of deception and I for one would sooner vote for Jeb Bush than for a person whose message is gilded with a dismissive calculous of opportunism that is itself counter to the priorities he claims to stand for. Bush is irreversibly tied to and a part of the Transnational Elite and he can’t hide from it.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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