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Flynn Out, Sleeper Cells Remain

The Bureaucracy of State, the infrastructure of permanent government that survives Administrations, has long been a serious challenge for incoming Presidents. For an incoming Administration, the primacy of agenda and the continuity of messaging is always key to the efficacy of moving forward and simultaneously exerting a formidable force to counter the inevitable opposition; the integrity of secure exchange, needless to say, is an absolute necessity.

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Rules Are the Rules

By Midnight of April 25th Cruz will not only be mathematically eliminated from obtaining enough delegates to win the election outright he will, as well, have fallen to third place in popularity too.

The following are a select group of response to questions/comments received after the original article as published. We believe you will find them of interest.  

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Rules Were Made to be Elusive

Over the weekend, Colorado awarded all 34 delegates to Ted Cruz. The fix had been in since August, when party officials, alarmed at Trump’s popularity, decided it would be best if Colorado Republicans were not allowed to vote on the party’s nominee. Yes, the argument in opposition to Cruz’s actions could be justifiably dismissed if we hold to the claim that “he’s simply playing by the rules.” However, clearly, the rules are biased, distinctly contrary to what Americans would believe should be a truly Democratic process and recent polls show this to be the case – 87% polls say the system is corrupt.

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