Suspended Convergence

The collective becomes inconsequential, anemic if you will, without a Devine Spark of the Ideal igniting each Individual in their own time and then only on a one-by-one-at-a-time basis. Think of it this way:

While we (all) may eat at the same table we process the fuel singularly and apply it individually.

It is for this reason that the popular notion of “It takes a village” is so deeply flawed; the only accomplishment collectivism successfully records resides solely in its destructive capacity which is precisely why “We are forever burdened by the unknown good a broken spirit silences.”

For the same reason that a Village can never create the inspired act a single Individual affects, absent the Ideal of higher purpose about which the many will converge, a Village is nothing more than dystopian wasteland.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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