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Prevalence, Distortions & Submission

It wasn’t difficult to detect the deception, in fact, even now, I’m amazed that even while my original prognostications of November 5, 2020 were typically accurate, I’ve found it far more significant that Folks have so willingly submitted to the overwhelming degree and prevalence of a deeply distorted narrative.

Life is indeed a constant and often exhausting contest between competing forces, good and evil to be sure but most peculiar is that this battle occurs internally, always internally. Perhaps the thought is best expressed in the following manner:

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Refuse Submission, Again:

History, and rational thought, tell us that when totalitarian regimes sense a loss of control its instinct and common practice is to tighten its grip, to attempt to squeeze the life out of opposition. It seems that those who will not view Man’s native goodness as a virtue have only one alternative perspective; that virtue and character are nothing more than a congenital weakness or defect. At the core of nearly ever conflict Man has with himself you will find this form of dissonant thought at play, further, if we consider that the only authority authority has is the credibility it receives from our willingness to submit or concede to its demands then we can also conclude that we also have the power to disable its influence by simply refusing to submit to it. Yes, it’s the same old battle; on one end the choices we make and the opposing and every present constant which nothing more than the consequence that follows.

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We’re All In This Together?

An irretrievably idiotic phrase, the perfect salve of banality, the moment applied your instantaneously numbed by the essence of mindless wonder accompanied by the willing surrender of one’s intellectual ballast; it’s right up there with global warming, social justice, carbon credits, windmills, equality, globalism, BLM and its iterations, making the world safe for democracy, Subaru=Love and diet soda. Looking at the climate as it is and its clear the only condition, I believe, we share together is the burdensome pain and consequence of groupthink. Really, should anyone ever want to be engaged in anything with anybody doing or engaged in anything that deprives one of their sovereign identity? The fact is that we, as a species, are operating way outside of our operational protocols and the deepening scars on our culture prove it.

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Looking For A Finite Solution With Infinite Effect….

Far beyond the damage that bigotry records is a far greater tragedy; a most despicable form of pageantry the kind enjoyed by those who benefit from human suffering. Mankind has been faced with the consequence of abhorrent behavior since the dawn of his existence, volumes have been written, thousands upon thousands of hours of audio and video accumulated reporting or discussing the distinction of choices offered and choices made and still most remain defiantly unwilling to see this roulette wheel for what it is. Meaning? Mankind has made no, detectable, cognitive advance that I can find that supports the notion that behind the (current) social upheaval there lies a software upgrade to the human spirit, a recently released enlightenment that would cause one to believe that the current chaos is nothing more than what it has always been; a lie desperately trying to mask itself as enlightenment.

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So, Black Lives Matter, eh?

The FRAUD is now complete. Does any of this twisted notion of knee-jerk retribution have anything to do with folks of African Ancestry; this is all politically driven using the double-barrel blasting of race-indifference and class-warfare. Watch this video clip and look closely at the terrorists masquerading as protesters and then inventory the victims all the while asking yourself: Where are all the Black Lives that you’re being told don’t matter?

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