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George, Meghan & Harry – The Decline of Priceless

Yes, George Floyd has much in common with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and they all are part of the same shameful behavior. Humans trying to distance themselves from their own stupidity, abuses, arrogance and other systemic blunders accompanying a species that resists freeing itself of its own self-imprisonment.

“The only thing the dominant culture is willing to be honest about is that they prefer the lie of ‘social justice’ ”

At the bottom of it all, whether its BLM, ANTIFA, Cancel Culture, Corporate-Governance, Racism, Sexism and every other idiotic syllogism you can fantasize over, it’s all about the money and/or the power a narrative can invoke to ensure the power of money or the power money can acquire.

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Suspended Convergence

The collective becomes inconsequential, anemic if you will, without a Devine Spark of the Ideal igniting each Individual in their own time and then only on a one-by-one-at-a-time basis. Think of it this way:

While we (all) may eat at the same table we process the fuel singularly and apply it individually.

It is for this reason that the popular notion of “It takes a village” is so deeply flawed; the only accomplishment collectivism successfully records resides solely in its destructive capacity which is precisely why “We are forever burdened by the unknown good a broken spirit silences.”

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Political Weaponry

Tolerance is merely a tool spoken in favorable terms when those who seek to advantage themselves do so by placing a boot first on your freedoms and then on your conscience. Only those who fear the loss of privilege will admonish those who believe no such entitlement should exists and never at the expense of another.

The nature of this perpetual distortion requires a certain fight, a fight against an oppressor who will, as their first defense, deny you your own liberties as a tool for asserting their own.

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Prevalence, Distortions & Submission

It wasn’t difficult to detect the deception, in fact, even now, I’m amazed that even while my original prognostications of November 5, 2020 were typically accurate, I’ve found it far more significant that Folks have so willingly submitted to the overwhelming degree and prevalence of a deeply distorted narrative.

Life is indeed a constant and often exhausting contest between competing forces, good and evil to be sure but most peculiar is that this battle occurs internally, always internally. Perhaps the thought is best expressed in the following manner:

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Refuse Submission, Again:

History, and rational thought, tell us that when totalitarian regimes sense a loss of control its instinct and common practice is to tighten its grip, to attempt to squeeze the life out of opposition. It seems that those who will not view Man’s native goodness as a virtue have only one alternative perspective; that virtue and character are nothing more than a congenital weakness or defect. At the core of nearly ever conflict Man has with himself you will find this form of dissonant thought at play, further, if we consider that the only authority authority has is the credibility it receives from our willingness to submit or concede to its demands then we can also conclude that we also have the power to disable its influence by simply refusing to submit to it. Yes, it’s the same old battle; on one end the choices we make and the opposing and every present constant which nothing more than the consequence that follows.

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