U.S. Foreign Political or Policy? Is Beijing-Joe Right? Is Clinton’s Amerika Back?

It is no great secret that since WW2 the U.S. has maintained a significant global footprint, its foreign policy influence largely driven by its economic engine and its capacity for projecting power though I would argue that gunboat diplomacy has increasingly become a dangerously ineffective tool but more on this particular point another time.

More and more critically economic, fiscal and military resources have become the composition of strength that traditionally defines the kinetic force behind a Nations Foreign Policy. The strength of U.S. Foreign Policy, specifically its longstanding durability, has allowed for a remarkably stable and linear course particularly if we consider what the world would have looked like post 1944 with NAZI Germany having defeated the Allies and would have likely then become the first to procure atom-splitting warheads. (Table your thoughts on the clinical/evolutionary exercise as this conversation is not intended to dissect the various permutations and abuses or to make arguments for or against any specific Foreign Policy miscue or misadventure. For the record, let me repeat that I’ve long held the position that there’s yet to surface a single documentable case were U.S. involvement in foreign wars, covert or otherwise, has secured or enhanced a freedom/liberty expressed in the U.S. Constitution or have they produced a universal net economic gain to the American Population.)

Since Bill Clinton’s bombing of the pharmaceutical factory (as a redirect away from his Lewinsky Affair) in Sudan (8/98) the practice of using the U.S. Foreign Policy Apparatus as a Political Action Device has now become nothing more than a random act of subterfuge the effect of which is to have destroyed the most important element of a Nations Foreign Policy, i.e., the credibility of its National Honor. Yes indeed, while the Bush-Clinton Clan’s personal agenda levied the first significant scar when it violated the Bush-Gorbachev post USSR Protocols, followed by the Kuwait and Iraq Oil-Security exploits, and then take your pick of a single or combination of UN/WTO/GATT/NAFTA/CAFTA Treaties. Yes, the Cabal Eisenhower warned of no longer had need to work behind the scenes as Bush made it clear, when he licensed the New World Order, that he was about to unleash a brave new world on a total unprepared and unprotected American Public.

Bush handled Clinton well when he counselled the use of political divisiveness; Bush knew from his days at the CIA that the only way to take control of the apparatus of government was to turn the American People against themselves and that’s precisely what has taken place. It’s given you the glorious era of Obama/Clinton/Kerry and the adolescent politicized game of spin-the-bottle complete with their Syrian Red-Line debacle, Iran-Mining of Iraq, illegal arming of Mercenaries in the Middle-East, disembowelment of U.S./Turkey relationship, the Libyan-Chris Petersen disaster, the supreme humiliation of the Iran Nuke Deal, the utter embarrassment that is the Paris Climate Accords and Korean/Asia-Pacific Trade Deals that thankfully Trump either reversed or he allowed to die within the opportunistic toxicity that is the U.S. State Department. Yes, I admit that the previous rant is by no means a complete rendering of the damage done to this Country and frankly, were it not for the brief hiatus brought about by the sound stewardship of Trumps bold departure from what had become the norm, the chaos just resumed by Beijing-Joe/Kamala would have moved further down the irreversible course destruction.

How restorative the resolution would be if it was as simple as laying the burden at the feet of the individuals whose votes placed these fools in such extreme positions of authority and yet where’s the poetry, the sinfully delicious repartee for those still holding to the illusion that there is no consequence for stupid and that equality and/or social-justice is simply a function of taking from those who achieve and giving to those who choose not to and that racism is simply a function of a binary choice gone wrong. The facts are as they are and never made obsolete by human intervention and will forever remain our best window for viewing a most predictable future, with one unfortunate exception, which I will offer by way of the following:

  • It is well known around the globe that Joe Biden dimension is advancing far faster than even his inner circle expected. The medications prescribed him are near their maximum dosage and we should expect a declining level of efficacy over the next six-month.
  • Having spoken with various resources, in no less than twenty-seven Nations, all holding positions in government agencies where engagement with U.S. policy missives are active, I can confirm that the level of uncertainty over current U.S. Leadership is causing these Nations to reconsider their status were their security/positions are tethered to U.S. reliability. What this means is that while the Leadership of many U.S. Allies found Trump’s blunt-talk a bit disconcerting they knew that U.S. Policy under his Leadership was bankable particularly on matters of economic/security policy were China was concerned; now they are having to reconsider a more “accommodating” stance as they do not believe the Biden-Harris Administration possesses the “appropriate facilities” in the current threat (China) environment. Here is just one of the many examples: I’ve been told that even the Prime Minister of Japan has sent a Special Envoy with correspondence expressing “grave concern over the Chief Executive’s personal financial arrangements with the Chinese and how this exposure represents a most unsettling risk for Japan.”

There is no single area of U.S. Foreign Policy where exposure to Biden’s incapacities and Harris’s incompetence does not represent an extraordinarily unsettling environment. Perhaps were it simply a matter of Biden/Harris one might be able to defer to the hope that there is a collateral advantage offered by Administrative Staff across the board of the Executive Branch, perhaps from Congressional Members and yet upon further reflection of the current class of misfits on display during both Trump Impeachment efforts a challenge any one to name a single member of the Biden/Harris party that could stare down the dismissive gloat of Putin or Xi Jinping. Even Biden’s Secretary of State, former speechwriter for Clinton, Antony Blinken typifies Biden-Harris’ open mockery of Statesmanship and Stewardship with yet another Obama/Biden Political Hack with no single documentable success other than their demonstrated willingness to continue the charade of indifference, contempt for the sovereign state of this Nation’s higher ideals and most importantly, act as a financial conduit for feathering the pockets of any operative about the political food-chain.

These days Political Payback is what floats the Policy Narratives of this Country which is precisely how the Swamp functions and why it so defiantly moves at every level with such an effect scheme of survivability. The hypocrisy in all of this is also the Swamps greatest flaw which is that while it works to both assert and defends its dominance its destructive capacity destroys the very system it uses to sustain itself.

It is inevitable that the American People will come face to face with a most unfortunate and painful set of facts: An empty promise is no promise at all and even more painful is it was known to be nothing more than that all along.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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