The Curing Qualities of Tension

As I observe the miscellaneous ramblings over recent election results I’ve been humored by one particularly interesting observation and troubled by another: First, there is the amazing number of media and political curds who are absolutely certain about topics they clearly no nothing about. One topic, in particularly, being the practice of “calling” an election outcome long before the vote counts are certified or before the presentation of the Electoral College to the U.S. Congress. For those who may be paying attention it’s most likely that they’ve already accepted the storyline meanwhile, for those who aren’t, don’t or won’t it likely doesn’t matter either way. The second, not so much an observation as it is an event or inquiry, has been the number of folks who’ve started their solicitation with something along the lines of the following: “Well, I’ll bet your just tickled pink with the outcome of the election! I know how much you loved Trump and despised President Elect Biden. But I think it’s good for the Nation to be, finally, headed in the right direction.” Hmmm! A great, too many assumptions being made in this rather dystopian presumption wrapped in rather adolescent tortilla attempting to appear urbane. At best it’s a didactic intrusion upon an otherwise rational mind but then this type of an assault is exactly what happens to a culture having surrendered to the proven ideocracy of illusion but then again, as I’ve said, who’s paying attention to the details.

But then, something marvelous happened, a call from a noted associate of the current Administration calling to compliment me on a recent article and then immediately launched into an inquisition of a sort asking me why it is, with my knowledge base, prognosticative accuracy and so on that I keep such a low profile, “…you could be doing so much more, having a much bigger footprint” and I simply responded this way: “I enjoy what I do and the way I do it; to do or expect anything greater, or as you put it, a bigger footprint, would assume that I have earned or achieved a level or a degree of standing which at this point I, myself, would have a hard time endorsing. You see, I pray for the right outcome to occur from the rightness of my thinking, of my speaking and of/from the doing that I do in my life and for the world around me and then I pray again for the understanding required and the strength to live up to it. And yes, while I try hard to never have expectations for other to share the same ambition I do believe we all equally possess the same potential. I believe, with absolute certainty, that we are met with the challenges we’re required to face precisely because we are in need of proving we are capable of overcoming them and, simultaneously, to learn that we are here to make it possible for others to achieve the overcoming of the challenges they’re required to prove capable of overcoming just the same. The interconnectivity of our Individuality with that of all others is mesmerizing in both its beauty, its symmetry and immeasurable potential.

Recently, during the Q & A segment of a gathering in St. Louis, I was again asked to comment on the outcome of the election however given the nature of the group I was speaking in front of I decided to avoid their tease choosing instead to answer the question in a way I’m sure none of them expected: “…the outcome of every decision is a reflection of our inner battles just as are the people we elect a reflection of those who voted for them and so, before we start tearing through the opposition with unsavory remarks we you should ask ourselves two very important questions:

  1. Where in the universe do I find the narrative I champion actually working at the level of perfection my intentions or endorsement would presume? Think of it, and you don’t have to look very far, of how many social experiments rooted in the claim of their superior ethos were simply the anecdotal manifestations of some truly boneheaded people: Woodrow Wilson, Marx, Lenin, Hitler, Goebbels, Mussolini, Roosevelt, Nixon, Bush (both), Clinton, Obama etc.  (and these are just from the 20th Century and confined merely to the American/European theatre) being the most conspicuous examples.
  2. Where in my life do I maintain the very standard I hold others to account? It seems the pinnacle of surgical excess to find others inferior based solely on the convenience of selective reasonings. To believe it reasonable to arrive at some arbitrary standard or level of perfection where no measure or standard exists upon which one can prove or otherwise authenticate their claim is now deemed reliable? How do we, reasonably, find the nerve to measure someone else to a standard that clearly doesn’t exist and which we refuse to apply to ourselves?  I challenge you to think each of these points thru, very carefully.

A room full of an estimated 4,700 people suddenly became tomb-like quiet. I then said, “…there’s a reason why the shell is on the outside of the egg, why carts are positioned behind the horse and why Man must look for enlightenment so that he can first understand the nature and demands of a path and then, ultimately, his relationship to it. The clarity of the metaphor become quite clear when you consider that an egg will not develop from outside the shell, a cart will not pull a horse and Man, sans his spirit and the higher consciousness the spirit ignites, is nothing but a shell and no substitute for a horse.”

One of the truly amazing tools we have at our disposal is one that allows us to gauge our progress, that can tell just how serious Mankind is about his unlimited potential. All we need do is look at his world and from this single portal you can determine what Man is truly interested in, how serious he is about perfecting his gift and serving the greater cause which is the very core of his ultimate destiny and the path that will lead him there. When we are willing to step back and consider our proximity to the truth that lies back of the previous statement we are then forced to come face to face with yet another undeniable fact: Man rarely, if ever, looks to himself for (as) the cause of the many disappointments he has and will continue to encounter. I believe that the reason for the great division and the great sense of dread poisoning the planet is directly related to the People discovering that they’re running out of excuses and targets they can blame for their being willing to accept a lie which is nothing more than an artificial simulation of an unsustainable illusion.

The curing quality of tension exists only in the tactile sensations of reality which is why you can always identify the lunacy of progressive ideologies whose illusions, if you haven’t noticed, are built upon a very peculiar proofing-system, a systemic order that claims that the primacy of their belief system is proven by the authority they assert, a type based on the vice of polarity which is nothing more than an open assault of ones opposition into submission, to enforce discomfort upon ones opposition by way of the very portals of liberty they provide which continues until such time as the opposition no longer cares to object. The German Public, of the Nazi era, is the most conspicuous example of the very simulation a goodly portion of the American Public is working hard to eclipse. Quite a noble distinction or so they believe.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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