Refuse Submission, Again:

History, and rational thought, tell us that when totalitarian regimes sense a loss of control its instinct and common practice is to tighten its grip, to attempt to squeeze the life out of opposition. It seems that those who will not view Man’s native goodness as a virtue have only one alternative perspective; that virtue and character are nothing more than a congenital weakness or defect. At the core of nearly ever conflict Man has with himself you will find this form of dissonant thought at play, further, if we consider that the only authority authority has is the credibility it receives from our willingness to submit or concede to its demands then we can also conclude that we also have the power to disable its influence by simply refusing to submit to it. Yes, it’s the same old battle; on one end the choices we make and the opposing and every present constant which nothing more than the consequence that follows.

While I acknowledge there is growing indifference to Constitutional Ideals I do hope that we have not yet fully lost appreciation for the grace of simple kindness, the undeniable fact that all one has to do to accept the certainty of a Devine Presence is to look at the beauty that surrounds, the truly incomprehensible wonder of the Human Being you are and the unavoidable and overwhelming sense of wonder one must know the moment you hold a newborn in your arms; the infinite promise that exists in that moment is itself an exhausting and simultaneously divine moment of wonder. It simply far too perfect and far too regularly perfect for it to be anything but as-designed, as intended: Divinely designed perfection.

Yes, absolutely, I know there is a God because I’m reminded, constantly, of the undeniable truth of it which is why I believe so strongly in the preservation and perpetual refinement of Individuality and the Sovereign rights that accompany all life; these Ideals are wholly incompatible with the fascist Ideologies that have become so fashionable these days, the very type of thinking that would find it acceptable to impose a dehumanizing ideology on another as if it were a Providential awakening which is why it is so painful, divisive and unreconcilable. God help this Country if Constitutional Patriots every truly grasps that it was their next door neighbors whose endorsed the disenfranchising of their sovereign rights; if they ever connect the dots between the loss of their businesses, their independence, their sovereignty and the voters who gave them Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Pressley & Tlaib (the Squad) and the progressive squalor their legions have unleashed. It is a certainty that the Squad’s “blacklists” will provide then absolutely no cover from the backlash that will come.  You can only kick someone in the head for so long before one of two things happen: You kill them or they decide it’s time to kick back however understand that the more of them you kill doesn’t solve the battle it merely assures that when the kick-back comes it will most assuredly be decisive.

There’s no denying that we’ve all had the ability to witness actions seeking to enforce the submission I speak of; masks, quarantines, business closures, economic reversals, school closings, the shuttering of places of Worship and so on the practices each being their own type of pandemic; think of the many States both in the U.S. and in Europe who are using fiat actions (authorities) outside of the legislative process (here in the U.S. they would be referred to as Unconstitutional) to suspend personal liberties under the guise of public health. Then, ironically enough, they’re doing so with no clinical or scientific proof to support their actions; these minions of depravity, Gavin “Twosome” Newsom (Gov. of California), Gretchen Whitmer (Gov. of Michigan), Andrew Cuomo (Gov. of New York), Jah Inslee (Gov. of Washington State) being just a few of the more reckless intruders taking it upon themselves to assert political impulse upon the residents of their State’s with absolutely no comprehension of the consequences they’re imposing. It does of course occur to me that they know exactly what it is they’re doing.

There is, after all, only one safe and sane alternative and that’s simply to refuse to be the object of imposition; refuse to submit, refuse to oblige, refuse to be a stooge. Let them know exactly what you think by not doing what it is they expect. Indulge them with your sense of purpose, conviction and clarity!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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