WuV19 (COVID) Facts vs. Fiction

There’s a great deal of misinformation floating about this subject much of which is occurring purely for controlling and arming the narrative. It is a factual certainty that a Public disabled by psychological manipulation is far easier to control and fascists find it a form of euphoria to imposes controls over people they detest. How far has it gone? Let’s start with the proven and unreported and you decide for yourself: (Note: we use the WuV19 reference in an attempt to circumvent the censorship, the true pandemic, that occurs for anyone who dare counter the prevailing script.)

  • If the so-called virus is in fact a virus then the epidemiologists would be able to identify its organic origins; to date they have not been able to do so.
  • There’s only one reason for the inability to “map” what is incorrectly being called a “virus” and that’s because it’s not a true virus. Absent the organic markers then the only alternative is that it is a synthetic compound lab-made and quite possibly intend to simulate a virus which would explain why there is no conclusive antibody attribution.
  • The typical Flu/Virus vaccine performs in the 50% effectiveness range; why then, how then has Pfizer/Moderna managed to produce a vaccine, at a speed that should rightfully be considered miraculous, with an efficacy rate of 95 percent? How? Simple: The “vaccine” they’ve developed is actually not a vaccine in the strictest sense of the term; it is more likely an antiviral or perhaps even an antitoxin, a designer drug specifically tailored to disable the synthetic WuV-19 synthetic.
  • Further, one addition point relating to the Moderna/Pfizer adventure that, as well as several very well educated professionals I’ve consulted with, I find to be a conspicuous form of deliberate non-reporting which one would reasonably find to be a calculated form of complicity: WuV-19, you are told, is a virus of SARS/Coronavirus origins; you have been bludgeoned with this assertion. Well then, if it is, if it is indeed of a SARS/Coronavirus origins then why is it that the Moderna/Pfizer products are not being applied to or tested on these other flu variants?
  • Just how “viral” is WuV19? In the U.S. the morbidity rate is a 2.1%; the U.S. is among the lowest on the planet. Not so viral now is it.
  • How deadly is WuV19? Multiple reports affirm that off all WuV19 reported deaths only 6 percent of them were directly attributed to the “virus” the remaining 94 percent were attributed to conditions unrelated to the “virus.” Using CDC’s own numbers the seasonal Flu (for 2018-2019) posted 34,157 deaths while, to date, WuV19 posted approximately 7,400 deaths. Yes, perhaps you might be thinking, “…but what about the 200+ thousand deaths the media keeps reporting?” and my response is that if we’re going to compare apples-to-apples then we should consider that fully 94 percent of the deaths being posted are related to causal forces/conditions unrelated to the “virus.”

The current Administration is fully informed of these abnormalities as well as the link to the Chinese military and their strategic plan to disable their adversaries and while the Administration’s performance has been remarkable they continue to be blockaded by a cabal of globalist who openly warp the media narrative making it virtually impossible for the Administration to broadcast facts without being labeled as quacks. It also creates a significant obstacle for any member of the American Public looking for a reliable source on this or anything other than the latest sport scores.

Yes indeed the Global Cabal of misfits mistakenly believe they can ride the predatory coattails of the Chicoms using them as an effortless means for sealing the global future to their liking, but they are wrong, very, very wrong in their assessment of the China’s dictatorial leadership.

True, I’m well aware of the risk that this information will seem apocryphal and of doubtless authenticity despite the fact that it is all well sourced and documented however before you bounce the narrative as nothing more than the miscellaneous ramblings of some peripatetic boob ask yourself why it is that every major news outlet is reporting the very same message? Given media history in this Country don’t you find this a bit odd? That every entity or enterprise that has a political or economic advantage tied to this so-called pandemic and/or the ouster of Trump is pandering precisely the very same certainty of doom accompanied by the uncertainty of manufactured chaos. I am troubled by this and my prayer is that that detect the very same bundle of anomalies as well.

It is becoming patently clear that no one, other than the Trump Administrations Task Force (excluding the pejorative ignoramus by the name of Anthony Fauci who has never made one single correct statement or provided one single affirmative recommendation but routinely changes his tune with the frequency a radio dial), is vested in a progenerative outcome other than one that requires a global consortium of collusion. The truth of this should, most definitely, infuriate you deeply.

If Biden is allowed to be the next U.S. President he will reward you with membership in a new New Trans-Atlantic State, that includes all of the E.U. and the U.K.,  as well as a deadly encounter with the Chicoms and it will not go the way the Clinton, Gates or Soros, and their fellow predators, believe it will. The Chicoms will know, with the ouster of Donald Trump, that the Americans are ripe for an ass-kicking-into-submission and by the time you discover the truth of this statement it will be too late however you’ll still be able to thank the U.S. Media, including Fox, for greasing the skids of the next downward slide into further depravity. Just in case you’re wondering into the realm of thought that somehow Canada, Mexico and Europe will stand with American in objection to this move forget it; they’ll be looking back over their shoulders wondering why there is no American opposition.

When you begin hearing comments about how democracies are being strongly urged to join forces in opposition to China you will know that the planned consolidation, what Bill Gates refers to as the “global reset”, there will be only one alternative. Until then, let the conditioning continue!

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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