The Faucc Self-Liberates!

Yes, by all means, self-anointed, self-obsessed and self-absolved. But of course “the Faucc” (to be pronounced as “fouch” as in “pouch”) self-identifies his new position within and about the Beijing-Joe/Harris Scheme to be “liberating.” Given Fauci’s distant and flaccid relationship with truth and the science I’m not at all surprised that he would find comfort in an environment that favors his strict form of lunacy or, for that matter, should you.

To consider this man as have nothing but a perilous relationship with substantive inquiry is to concede that his is a revolving and ever evolving indifference to the very science he claims to endorse not to mention that Fauci has absolutely no clinical research experience whatsoever; he’s a shirt, at best. The only reason the retiring Beijing-Joe retains the Faucc is only because he provides the new Administration with a political lifeline, one that spins with the frequency of a political demagogue or a media-hack or both.

What has happened to the truth? Simple: The Public prefers the fraud because it is far more believable than the truth; consider the popularity of “reality TV” – a rendering of an alternate reality that makes being and remaining on the sidelines of life somehow less of a form of cynicism than it actually is.

Yes, understand that it is the nature of a virus to mutate after all how else would the virus survive the purge of the human immune system if it didn’t attempt to restructure its assault. The fact is that a virus will and does spread along an expected course precisely because the immune system does not always immediately identify the invader and yet possess the ability to identify the invader and knock it out; the immune system has its own protocols and despite the Faucc Hyperbole or Biden’s delusions, this is all proven science a component of which includes the long-standing and proven understanding that as a virus mutates its underlying virology weakens and this is because as the “herds” risk diminishes so does the effective “Load” on the immune system and so it also then follows that as the viral “Load” diminishing so does the immune systems rebounds and thus, increasingly, the virus infectious influences fail.

In the end, if you truly are going to follow the science then why not do so and suspend your open season on the truth.

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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