For the People Act of 2021 (HR 1)

The key to ending Election Fraud, you are being told, is to systematically institutionalize it and, quite factually, this is precisely what this dubiously and deliberately deceptive composition of ooze will accomplish if made into law. Yes, spewing forth as only the mind of Paul Sarbanes can articulate and orchestrate is no less than a full frontal, no intent to conceal, assault on the sacred construct of U.S. Voting Orthodoxy.

Yes, it is predictably doubtful that anyone will actually read the bill, the preferred excuse for why and how these calculated abuses mature into law, as the lack of oversight is now a necessity simply because if these writings were studied with any level of deliberate inquiry they would quickly starve for any explanation capable of defending their claimed purpose. The nature of what has become the legislative process now relies on external legislative analysts, slithering operatives with no public vetting, whose allegiance or obligations to the duties and boundaries associated with elected office are concealed from public view while they compose the script consistent with the defined ambitions of their masters.

Within these well-crafted scripts of subversion are the very mechanisms that convert what would otherwise be an illegal act into a tool that is, in effect, legalized debauchery. While it is most certainly the case that much of what Government does bears this most unscrupulous mark it is also the case that the result of their effort is an entirely new wave of delight that evolves from the rewards to those who find entirely new and tantalizing schemes that absent the legislation would be subject to prosecution by any reasonable and rational standard or measure.

I do recommend that you read the Bill however understanding that willingly exposing oneself to this type of abuse, though I confess it is educational, is a devoutly painful and agonizing process I do offer an alternative by way of a few of the key points and associate commentary that acutely rebut any claim or assertions that this Action is anything other than what it is, the deliberate legalization of numerous vote-stuffing/manipulation techniques under the cover of bureaucratic duplicity:

  • At final count we’ve identified no less than thirty-six mechanisms within this Bill any one of which creates or otherwise allows for unchecked, unsolicited, unrestricted and unsecure modification to or expansion of Voter Registration Logs many of which occur due to the Act specifically allowing these modifications and/or additions to occur without Voter Identification or Direct Verification or any enforceable means for restricting their subversion.
  • The Act attempts to establish several presumptions of Federal Jurisdiction nowhere prescribed by the U.S. Constitution or Federal Law each of which intend to circumvent the 10th Amendment and equally important specific Constitutional mandates which assign State Legislatures the single and sole duty of legislating the management of Federal Elections within the domain of these 50 Sovereign States. Examples of just a few of these impositions is the attempt to circumvent State age laws by prohibiting Sates from registering children as young at 16 years of age. Prohibiting States from cross-checking Voter Registrations with other States. Mandating same-day voter registration without residency verification or cross-checking nationwide voter registration databases. Prohibiting States from enacting any restrictions on “curbside” voting.
  • The Act provides no single mechanism for vetting, for fraud or any component of malady or defect, for any indication that a Voter Log Entry to be other than a truly eligible Voter.
  • The Act attempts to systematize an automation of voter registration by converting the maintenance and registration Voter Logs to a national database; given the known, predictable and inevitable porosity of electronic data, the overwhelming proof of the ease with which these systems are both penetrated and manipulated it seems the height of lunacy to expand the abuse by openly promoting the very methodology that has proven to expand the Publics distrust in our voting system. Needless to say, this entire scheme is a most conspicuous breach of the long-standing principal within the boundaries of Federalism, the concept of Separation of Powers and the necessity of having a voting system the accurately reflects the record of a legitimate Voters choice.

This Bill has so many indications and/or deliberate canonization of cross-purposes and dubious intent that it would require a novel of its own to fully review; issues such as Statehood for non-admitted Districts, Possessions and Territories, prohibitions against “purging” of contaminated Voter databases are just a sampling of the many vote-stuffing tools this effort intends to enshrine. For now however, I trust this brief summation is more than adequate to insight your concerns and warrant your standing in opposition to its passage.

Government has grown to delight itself in passing ever more restrictive and imposing restraints upon the American People that it should cause each of us to sit and ponder a very serious question: How can we claim to be a Free People when the greatest measure of our Freedoms and Liberties are now to be determined by first considering whether or not they are Lawful? By the mere fact that you are now overtly constricted by a legislative body, by a rule of governance that is controlled by an entity that assigns unto itself an unchecked authority to impose its will, mind you, government is an inanimate entity, upon you then you are no more free and at liberty to pursue your sovereign rights or determine your future than is a potted plant.

Do make your voices known! Let your Elected Officials Know Where You Stand otherwise, You Will Stand Alone Like All The Others! CG

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

For the Record (FTR):

Assuming that we can agree that the only supportable election result is one that is based on a provable and authentic voting system then we must first agree that this result is unable to occur without both a verifiable voter registry and one that is regularly authenticated. Further, the illusion that the Federal Government has a duty to ensure the accuracy of the voter roles is specious from the outset and entirely corruptible (as we have seen) for the simple reason that the transient nature of political favoritism inevitably exposes the entire system to the bias of the power influences dominantly feeding at the public trough at any given point along the timeline; precisely the reason for why the Founders pushed the In-State Burden precisely where it belongs, at the State level.

Yes, Voting is a right of every U.S. Citizen, but it is not a privilege of Government to use its political influences to distort that right to their benefit, this is what fascist-banana-republics do. As with any inalienable right it is indeed an absolute but only to the extent that the Individual exercises that right; an inalienable right, either expressed or left to founder, is never a portal that conveys a right of or to an inanimate body (Government) that should be considered as a vehicle for self-appointing its tentacles of power any advantage or privilege for unilaterally asserting an authority to infatuate itself with improvidential prophecies simply as a means for equipping itself with expanded dictatorial powers, not ever.

Correcting the abuses that saturate the national voting system and voter roles is quite simple. The following is an outline for doing just that and I’ve done it with far less than 276000 words or character strikes:

  • At the Federal Level: Pass legislation to revoke all previous voting legislations affected at the Federal Level and restore the original Constitutional Order. The only exception to this order will be the specific preservation of the UOCAVA of 1986.
  • Pass a National Voter Registration Regulation that requires each of the 50 States and those Territories eligible to Vote in Federal Elections to maintain an Auditable Voter Role based solely on Federally recognized Identifications. The Registries can be created, ideally, by using State Drivers Licenses or I.D. Cards, State Pension, Employment, or Disability Benefit Records or any combination of Federal /State Documents one of which must include a picture affixed to an authenticated document any one of which is eligible for authenticating Citizenship. Any Individual with a history of incarceration, so long as they are no longer on parole and have no convictions of record for a period of five years prior to their Voter Registration shall not be denied their right to registration and voter participation so long as said registration occurs and/or is affected in accordance with these guidelines.
  • That these voter roles are perpetually purged with each update, expiration, termination of any/all Federally recognized identifications but in no event beyond a period of five years.
  • It shall be understood that for those Voter’s whose registration retires with the passage of the five-year term it shall be understood that these Voter’s will be notified at their last reported mailing address (only) but in no event shall it be any persons/entities/agencies responsibility to insure a valid notice to a Voter; it is the Citizen of these United States personal responsibility to assert their right to cast a Vote and it will be, only, the responsibility of each State and/or eligible District and/or Territory to insure that each Citizens presentation of all required documents, whether initially or for renewal purposes, at the designated Registered or as required for Absentee Ballot, is met with a diligent, reliable and professional facility to receive and affect their request and no Citizen, subject to the rules defined herein including but not limited to the normal operating hours of their local Registrar, shall ever be denied the ability to affect their inalienable right to engage in the voting process.
  • That each participating State/District/Territory shall engage in appropriate outreach programs to ensure the Public is regularly notified of the Voter Registration Protocols, Requirements and Deadlines including put not limited to public service announcements informing or otherwise educating the Public of their role, the rights and their duties as Citizens to engage in the Election Process as well as the methods and facilities available to them for affecting their right to the same. Each State is encouraged to offer, in the month of May of each year, periodic Registration Outreach Programs but in no even shall they be held at anytime within a period of six months prior to a scheduled election. Said outreach programs are never intended as solicitation programs however they are strictly to enable and or facilitate access to the homebound, infirmed or in remote areas were ready access to State Registrar Offices is limited. It is recommended that State Registrars offering these programs solicit and receive coordinated efforts with Federal resources who shall, for administrative support and/or security purposes, provided matched/paired staffing to each and every outreach-port.
  • Any Eligible Voter shall be entitled to register for and then request an absentee ballot however the deadline for doing so will be no later than six months prior to a scheduled election and subject to a cross-check of all Voter Databases; no Absentee Ballot shall be issues to any person(s) not able to pass or be verified as being associated with no more than one confirmed residential address in the State wherein the Ballot is being requested. All absentee ballots shall be authenticated in person at a State Approved Registrar or by providing an application accompanied by notarized proof of their Signature and documents authenticating their residency, Citizenship and Photo Identification. Active Military Personnel as well as Overseas Persons will continue to have the same methods, as the do now, at their disposal.
  • All Ballots shall be completed, delivered and recorded at (only) State/Federally approved Precincts or Registrar Offices. In no event shall any Ballot, received after the scheduled voting deadline, which in no event shall be other than the normal operating hours of the local Registrar of Voters Offices, shall be counted or otherwise included in the “certified” recordings as provided by the Secretary of State of each of the participating States and/or eligible Districts and/or Territories.
  • No State or eligible District and/or Territory shall use an electronic vote tabulation system relying upon an arithmetic and/or recording/tabulating systems affected by any electronic/digital systems that are not completely autonomous and void of any feature allowing for direct or indirect internal electronic access whatsoever and which rely on any input other than an organic document (i.e., Voter Ballot Cards) completed (only) by an approved and fully authenticated Citizen-Voter.
  • To ensure accuracy of Vote Tally each State and/or eligible District and/or Territories shall simultaneously run/aggregate a second tabulation for the sole purpose of insuring an accurate tabulation. All vote tabulation processes shall be monitored directly by observers appointed and administered by the States Attorney General in conjunction with both the State Police and Local Sheriff’s Departments. Party Officials, on Ballot only, shall be entitled to no more than one Designated Representative per local Registrar/Tabulation Center.
  • All Voter Ballot Cards and Tabulation Documentations shall be retained for a period of no less than One Year after each State and/or eligible District and/or Territories have certified their results, delivered said certifications to Congress and received documentable verification of Congressional Actions certifying that that all States and eligible /Districts and/or Territories results of been received and the results having been accepted and by Congressional Action affirmed.

Yes, it really is this simple!  CG

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