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What I Noticed in Passing…. 

I am recalling a visit to the circus circa 1977; old enough to be amazed by the skill level of the performers yet young enough to be overwhelmed by the activity; the center ring, two outer rings and the overhead trapeze. To my young mind it seemed congested and I couldn’t help thinking; why do they have to do this all at the same time? How’s a guy supposed to know what’s going on? It seems like there in a hurry to get it over with and move-in a new crowd of people! Now I know why they call it a Circus? 

This recollection of a circus-like atmosphere and the sensory overload it provoked is not at all dissimilar to what I am sensing in several circus-like events now under way; there are several of course that I am monitoring and annotating however I believe we can deliver the message by way of three which I find of particular interest and I trust you will as well: 

Wisconsin Recall Vote: 

In 2010 the Voters of Wisconsin reversed the occupancy of their Governorship and both Chambers of the Legislature.  A State, not unlike most, with moderate to severe financial problems and steeped in omniscient levels of political chaos; the Voters decided a change was in order and I will assume they elected the representatives who they felt most closely aligned with. As expected, the Legislature and Governor (Scott Walker) affected their oath’s of office and set about the task of doing the Peoples business; then hell breached the boundaries of its lower confines and we now observe Wisconsin embroiled in a California-esque Recall Circus of its own.   

Diagnosis: Seems as though that Wisconsin is suffering from much of what the rest of America is wrestling with; it appears as though the idea of a three-ring circus is dancing about the head of a bit too many folks who seem to believe that indulgence of sensory overload merged with wretched impulse – left to its own device – is somehow both an anesthetic and a cure; sort of like placing a snooze button on a smoke detector! 

Internet Security (SOPA/PIPA): 

Judging from the lack of public furry or media coverage few seem to be aware that the Federal Government is about to express an entirely new form of tyranny.  The Bill at issue, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) was sponsored in the Senate by Messer’s Leahy (D-VT) and Hatch (R-Ut) – the House version is known as the Protect IP Act (PIPA), was written by Sen. Lamar Smith (R-Tx). This legislation, simply, has been promoted as a necessary mechanism for controlling copy written material (in theory) transmitted or conveyed via the internet; the execution would be carried out by the U.S. Justice Department who, simply by leveling an asserted accusation, would be licensed with the ability to close down any Internet Site.  Do the 1st, 4th and 5thAmendments to the Constitution mean anything to anyone any longer?    

Diagnosis: If the American People were to ever decide that there should be a performance or competency requirement for elected officials and if I were consulted to aid and counsel in the process of populating the checklist I would offer the following to be considered as first on the list: No Senator or Congressperson will be licensed to submit, author or vote on any Bill, Act, Referendum or for that matter any action that becomes or has the effect of law on the occasion that they have no knowledge, foundation experience or aptitude as to the subject be acted upon.  The fact of the matter is that there is a veritable plethora of Laws relating to the subject of Copyright infringement and the sanctions are quite clear. Licensing the Federal Government to affect a regulatory process has always proven a form of congestive heart-failure and where the Internet is concerned it will as well invite a host of problems the breadth and severities of which I dare say I know not were to begin. Licensing the control of movement, intellectual or physical, entitles government to regulate thought and action.  Think of it this way: The government mandates the placement of a placard on your steering wheel which reads: “Call 911before impact!”  

Media Political Coverage – 2012 

Following the GOP Presidential Campaign coverage is by far the greatest circus of all. The Media is in an ever desperate search to make meaning out of the meaningless and there are numerous examples and yet there are two subjects that I find most annoying and malignant: As of this writing there has been but one Caucus (Iowa) and one Primary (New Hampshire) and already the media-conglomerates have named Romney the chosen one.  The other is the posterior “stupid” comment; the “It’s About Jobs, Stupid” anecdotal reference.  Both mindless and banal; without a doubt a complete breach of the faithful function and duty of the press to investigate and report. 

Diagnosis: I mean come on, really is this the best it gets? Does any American hearing this nonsense suddenly stiffen as if struck by a bolt of lightning and suddenly slap themselves on the forehead and say: Shoot, you know this guys’ sharp; I think he’s got something here – now why ‘n the heck didn’t I think of that! Sure glad I dun figured out how to op’rate this here do-hicky clicker-thainyng! Well to be fair to the media, Bill Clinton did memorialize the statement (or a variation of it) so, well, it must be true! Yep, and he’s the guy who said: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,….” which is right up there with the dubious notice on your hand-held hair dryer that warns against its use in the shower; if you require this level of instruction then by all means find a padded cell, quickly. 

I believe that,  

“Clarity is the gift of revelation; the precision of grace when the narrative of ambiguity ceases to be a reliable source of information!” 

It is for this reason I’ve come to the conclusion that the all-consuming narratives, whether they be Political, Legislative or Economic chaos, are mere characterizations of a much simpler and fundamental omission: Clarity!  Clarity as to Ideal, Clarity as to Purpose and Clarity as to Tender:    

  • Ideal – What is our foundational reference (Compass) upon which we, in-common, rely? 
  • Purpose – What is it that each person, uniquely, expresses that both relies upon and perfects the Common Ideal? 
  • Tender – What is it that one conveys such that by doing so it compels another to exchange and/or integrate their Purpose in the greater cause of perfecting the Common Ideal?  We might also think of this as the: Compelling Cause. 

I believe each of these points are inextricably linked to one another and are key to understanding the great conflict, the circus-like environment, that has congested the hearts and minds of the American People.  I also believe it is why they appear divided.  

They are, of course, not at all divided; they simply lack the common-ground of Clarity.   

Curtis C. Greco, Founder

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