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What Becomes to Fill the Void

Vision in shades of gray is akin to viewing the domain of what is possible through the narrow scope of a straw; we void both depth and texture and omit a far greater perspective. We need only remove the filter to expose ourselves to the fullness of the unobstructed spectrum and be relieved to discover that color has been present all along. 

As the GOP nomination process decelerates to a final resolution there will be several unanswered questions in search of answers; the American People will need to find them and it is my hope that they will be disciplined in expressing their interests 

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November 2012: Why Gingrich Matters

FIRST: Political Operatives have long misunderstood the Independent Vote. They’ve interpreted this block as a political, philosophically, hybrid and this is not the case at all. The Independent is apolitical and outcome-specific centered and largely views social issues as incompatible with the role of government. They want and look for deliberate and focused leadership and they don’t care from what side of the political spectrum it comes from. Further, the notion of what becomes defined as Social-Issues are, decidedly, nothing more than political-teasing whose appeal trend toward the polar of left/right of Independent; hard-left Democrat or hard-right Republican. The GOP’s failure to grasp this simple attribute is why Dole and McCain lost and why Reagan beat Carter.  

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WiNiP – It’s Not About Jobs; It’s About Clarity


What I Noticed in Passing…. 

I am recalling a visit to the circus circa 1977; old enough to be amazed by the skill level of the performers yet young enough to be overwhelmed by the activity; the center ring, two outer rings and the overhead trapeze. To my young mind it seemed congested and I couldn’t help thinking; why do they have to do this all at the same time? How’s a guy supposed to know what’s going on? It seems like there in a hurry to get it over with and move-in a new crowd of people! Now I know why they call it a Circus? 

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2012: Choices to be Made

Wouldn’t it be nice if…? I was musing over the potential of this seemingly quixotic phrase particularly as I was reviewing the events of this past year and I toyed with the idea: Wouldn’t it be nice if one were able to choose which events followed on to the New Year and by exclusion those which did not, along with their unresolved consequences, remain in the past; a sort of isolation ward. Wouldn’t it be nice?  

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Falling Over the Finish Line

In the third volume of the Blind-Vision Series, Valor in Prosperity, we dedicate a section of one chapter to the discussion of a topic I refer to as “Succeeding at Failure”.  The purpose of the section is to illustrate a point which seems to be quite a common attribute of contemporary political and social order.  The following is an excerpt: 

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