You Have to Want to Know

Behind the Scenes 

Many expected the G8 Summit (held in Ireland this past June) to be a relatively unremarkable event and by enlarge it was. Although, from a foreign policy perspective, the policy battle (U.S. vs Russia/China) over competing interests is no secret unless of course you rely on Western Media as a data source and while Vladimir Putin did his best to set the Russian-record straight tracing a reliable reporting source remains nearly impossible, at least until now. More on this in a moment. 

To understand the Middle-East you have to be a student of history or, at the very minimum, follow multiple data-sources originating in the Middle-East. Further, to understand why the West (not to exclude China or Russia by the way) remains in a catatonic state of ignorance one, ultimately, is left with only one plausible explanation: they prefer to the entitled approach of continuously re-writing or re-interpreting fact to suit personal ambition regardless of the facts on-the-ground. Increasingly, many Americans are awakening to discover that this operational method is easily proven to be the contemptible illusion that it is. 

For the concerned and disenchanted who are not yet resigned to the plain of surrender it boils down to this: You Have to Want to Know! 

It is now to the point, with very few exceptions, that most domestic media outlet are nothing more than agendized fronts for vested interests pandering their re-written or re-interpretation of fact; the corridor of information as they define it and as they want you to know it. Your recourse is to confront this mob-like effort by way of a self-censuring process which is accomplished only by tracking multiple alternative sources preferably from the geographical area of interest. Humans are not at all as complex as you might think and once you lay out the facts the patterns become surprisingly clear; just one of the unwavering attributes of truth. 

It is, or should be, clear to most that the Middle-East, the Cradle of Civilization, appears as a constructed mass of mayhem and considering that this is a function of 2000 plus years of near perpetual conflict this observation should come as no surprise however hidden just beneath the surface is one incontrovertible fact: chaos has always been the result of an external influence attempting to impose its will and one of the most effective ways to impose an external will is to create chaos. 

The Currency of Exercise 

In the current exercise of conquest the marching orders of personal ambition are clothed in what is merely an updated version of past renditions the two most common being: “Protecting American Economic Interests” and “Making the World Safe for Democracy.” My response to each of these assertions require, I believe, serious and deliberate thought. Consider this: other than the Corporate entities which feed upon the terror organism or energy resources I have never met an American that has an economic interest in the region that supports a comprehensive national commitment. Have you? This of course begs a follow-up question: Why are we disposing, with reckless abandon, American lives and resources on behalf of Corporate Interests? Why, in defense of their own economic benefits or interests, are they not asserting a supported (legal) premise/doctrine in defense of the same? If we, as claimed, are in-deed free-market advocates then why not impale the contest with the advantages offered by free-market metrics? I think you know the answer to this; it can only be a function supported by predatory conquest. 

As to the idiotic blathering of the “Making the World Safe for Democracy” crowd I will simply request you ponder the following query: What is wrong with our practiced brand of Democracy if it requires us to make the world safe for it? There was a time when the U.S. Constitutional Republic was openly revered; people, the world over, came to the shores of the United States to enjoy the rewards of its promise. Is it unreasonable to assume that these virtues were willingly coveted as an extension of the sovereign individual’s divine right and not because the world had not yet been made to be safe for them? I contend that freedom and its expresser, liberty, are a native prayer and ambition of humanity and that Tyranny is the aberration which only persists as a function of lethargy and ignorance; it does not exist or prevail due to a vacuum of alternatives. Choice is a constant. In truth, 

“We are forever burdened by the unknown good surrendered by our silence.” 

Yes in-deed; you Have to Want to Know! 

Vladimir Putin: An Unexpected Truth 

Returning to my opening remarks let me offer you an acutely relevant view of the Middle-East and one which tracks very closely with my own. It is the very “G-8” insight I have been looking for; the capturing of Vladimir Putin’s alleged tirade and it comes by way of the very best of perspectives; a reporter by the name of Daoud Rammal, a native of Beirut, Lebanon. The following article appeared in As-Safir, a Lebanese Newspaper, on July 6, 2013 and I would like to personally thank Eric Mueller for the translation and as I am not literate in the native language of the articles original form I am therefore relying on his faithful delivery. With all this aside I do believe you will find the contrast, with U.S. coverage, to be quite striking. 

The translation of Mr. Rammal’s article follows:  

“Diplomatic sources: Putin tells G8 ‘You want Assad to resign. Look at the leaders you’ve made in the Middle East.’ 

By Daoud Rammal 

 Beirut: A diplomatic source has reported that the West has been discussing for some time the issue of the escalating role of Islamists in Lebanon and the Arab countries. The source reports that this discussion might wind up concluding that there is a need to rein in the role of the Islamists. It is along this line of thinking that the West has been encouraging the Lebanese regular army since the ‘Abra Battle. [A two-day battle between Lebanese regular army forces and the gang of a Sunni Salafi Shaykh Ahmad al-Asir ‘Abra near the southern Lebanese city of Sidon in late June 2013. Translator’s note.] 

 The diplomatic source reports that the changes underway in Egypt were expected by the Western countries and that the leaders of the G8 discussed the matter of Islamists coming to power in a number of Arab countries, including Egypt, in their recent meeting in Northern Ireland. [The Group of Eight or ‘G8’ (Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the USA, and Russia) met in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland, on 17-18 June 2013. Translator’s note.] 

 The diplomatic source reports that during that G8 meeting, Russian President Putin delivered a long intervention on that subject. 

 The prominent European diplomatic source reports that in his statement, the Russian President addressed the leaders participating in the G8 meeting, saying: 

‘You want President Bashshar al-Assad to step down? Look at the leaders you’ve made in the Middle East in the course of what you have dubbed the ‘Arab Spring.’ Now the peoples of the region are rejecting those leaders. The revolution against Muhammad Mursi in Egypt continues and anybody who knows the character of Egyptian society is aware of the fact that it is a deeply rooted secular society of varied cultures and civilizations with a history of advanced political activity. It will never accept attempts to impose things upon it by force. As to Receb Tayyib Erdoğan [in Turkey], the street is moving against him and his star is beginning to wane. In Tunisia the Muslim Brotherhood-Salafi rule that you formed there is no longer stable and the fate of Tunisia won’t be very far from the army seizing power, because Europe will never accept chaos on its borders and Tunisia is an entry way to Europe.’ (Putin said this before the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of Tunisia resigned to declare his candidacy for president of the republic. Note by as-Safir.) 

 Putin went on: ‘You have spread anarchy in Libya after Mu‘ammar al-Qadhdhafi. Nobody can put together an authority capable of working to rebuild the state there. Yemen after the departure of ‘Ali ‘Abdallah Salih lacks stability in government and there is no peace in the streets. Military and security unrest continues to prevail in all the regions of the country. As to the Persian Gulf, the whole area from Bahrain to the rest of the states there is sitting atop a volcano,’ Putin said. 

 The diplomatic source reported the Russian President as saying: ‘You want Russia to abandon Asad and his regime and go along with an Opposition whose leaders don’t know anything except issuing fatwas declaring people heretics, and whose members – who come from a bunch of different countries and have multiple orientations – don’t know anything except how to slaughter people and eat human flesh. You use double standards and approach the crisis in Syria using summer and winter styles under one roof. You lie to your own peoples so as to further your interests. This is none of our business. But it is impermissible for you to lie to us and to the countries and peoples of the world, because the international stage is no longer yours alone. Your ability to monopolize it the way you did two decades ago is now gone for good.’ 

Putin continued: ‘In Syria all of you are standing on the side of the forces that for the last 10 years you have claimed to be fighting against under the rubric of ‘fighting terror.’ Now today you are with them, helping them to take power across the region. You declare that you’re going to arm them and work to facilitate sending their fighters to Syria to bring it down, weaken it, and break it up.’ Putin asked, ‘In God’s name what kind of democracy are you talking about? You want a democratic regime in Syria to take the place of the Assad regime, but are Turkey and the countries you’re allied with in the region blessed with democracy?’ 

Putin addressed US President Obama specifically, saying: ‘Your country sent its army to Afghanistan in the year 2001 on the excuse that you are fighting the Taliban and the al-Qa‘idah Organization and other fundamentalist terrorists whom your government accused of carrying out the 11 September attacks on New York and Washington. And here you are today making an alliance with them in Syria. And you and your allies are declaring your desire to send them weapons. And here you have Qatar in which you [the US] have your biggest base in the region and in the territory of that country the Taliban are opening a representative office.’ 

Putin turned to the President of France [François Hollande] to ask, ‘How can you send your army to Mali to fight fundamentalist terrorists on the one hand, while on the other you are making an alliance with them and supporting them in Syria, and you want to send them heavy weapons to fight the regime there?’ 

British Prime Minister David Cameron came in for some of Putin’s sharpest remarks, when the Russian President told him: ‘You are loudly demanding that the terrorists in Syria be armed and yet these are the same people two of whom slaughtered a British soldier on a street in London in broad daylight in front of passers by, not caring about your state or your authority. And they have also committed a similar crime against a French soldier in the streets of Paris.’ 

The diplomatic report indicates that the leaders gathered at the summit were surprised then when German Chancellor Angela Merkel supported every word that Putin said in his address. She declared her rejection of any solution in Syria other than a peaceful one, saying ‘because the military solution will lead Syria and the whole region into the unknown.’ She strongly opposed arming the Syrian Opposition, ‘so that these weapons don’t get into the hands of the terrorists who plan to use them in attacks against cities in the European Union.’ She also indicated that she did not want to see some of her European partners getting involved in military and political adventures that would only serve to further deepen their financial and economic deficits, ‘because Germany is no longer able to serve as a financial and economic rescue line for those countries in order to help cover up their mistakes.’ 

As-Safir newspaper, No 12522, Saturday, 6 July 2013.” 

Seeping Truths 

In my one of my books I noted that Russia would ultimately appear, for Americans interested in preserving a sovereign identity, as a great resource; more and more frequently I am being proven accurate.  True, and predictably, the Russian Corporate State has its own interests and my comments should not be interpreted as to suggest that the Russian State is a friend of the American People; this is no more the case than where one to suggest that the U.S. Corporate State is a friend of the Russian People however, under the doctrine of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, we should expect a collateral benefit from this natural rival; seeping truths from the occurring contest between competing predators each with their own self-serving and equally glutinous appetites.  

Without question, there are two Americas: one represented by the Declaration of Independence and its progeny, the U.S. Constitution the other being the U.S. Corporate State whose operational mechanism is none other than U.S. Government. In your attempt to craft a mechanism-of-understanding one must use great caution so as to not confuse the two; one represents the defending and assertive force of the Individual while the other is in complete opposition to the former occurring particularly where the rights of the individual challenge the ambitions of the Corporate State. The dysfunction occurring around you is nothing more than what might very well be the final battle; the final determination of what will become the next version of the U.S. Will it remain and move to continuously perfect the Constitutional Republic ideal or will it follow the historical routine and become yet another Tyrannical State?  The choice, as it has always been, will be yours. 

“A Nation that believes a lie never survives reality.” 

In truth this is, of course, precisely as it should be; the ultimate test to determine the current state of Man’s evolution. Have we reached the point where we are prepared to make the leap or have we an appetite for a bit more debauchery?  

The future becomes the product of our efforts today and to fully perfect this process we will, inevitably, have to want to know the truth.  

Curtis C. Greco, Founder                              

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